Community Surprise!

Dear Kings & Queens,

Tomorrow will begin a very special week for the Community. Get your workers ready and stay tuned for more information!

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team


The Community Week has started!

Today is only the first day so stay tuned for more information!

  • Defensive Buildings are 35% cheaper
  • Defensive Buildings have 35% less building time
  • Waves are 35% cheaper
  • Waves building time is reduced by 35%
  • Worker price is -30%


Hello everyone!

A second event has kicked off!

  • x5 Pearls for melting down items
  • Meltdown time is reduced by 50%
  • Maximum cooldown time at the Blacksmith is 8h
  • Blacksmith Slots are 40% cheaper
  • Each Gem spent gives you 1 Pearl

Hello everyone,

A 3rd event has been kicked off, only one more to go after this one!

  • Uber Chests are 40 %cheaper
  • Hero Item Slots are 60% cheaper
  • 5 Rerolls at Granny’s shop for free
  • Rerolls cost up to 1 gem

Hi everyone,

The 4th and last event of this Community Week has just been kicked off!

All these events will end on Friday 14th October around noon (12pm roughly CET).

  • Alliance Tower costs 30% less to upgrade
  • Alliance Tower Upgrade is 35% faster
  • 50% Alliance Tax bonus
  • Uber-Chests for all Alliance Members when someone purchases Gems

Hello everyone,

The Community Week has now ended.

The event will remain active until the end of your session.

Have a nice day and good luck for the War!