Community week during Christmas holidays

In 2018 there was only 1 community week (in the 2nd half of April, without considering community month in March), while in 2017 there were more community weeks (for example in May and in August). It would be very sad to finish 2018 with only “1” community week, thus I suggest the next community week in about 2 weeks or before the end of this year. It’s also a good reason for players to continue this game.

I agree , I saved a lot of gems.


 And guess what as usual I am losing my patience and that’s what the fg have strategy.

 Throw the event when users don’t have gems and eventually they earn xd.

Are there plans for a community week during Christmas holydays? We have lost about 60% players (almost exclusively with less than 3000 trophies) since August 2017. In addition this game has lost several tens or even hundreds of positions in app store (at least in my country).

LOL very grad for the others who will benefit all of the next events. Sadly not smart what I do but nah I got a rage click since few days. I have waste 700 gems in few raids in revive and in scrolls. LOL I have lose my tempter yesterday probably because of losing some crutial tournament match in Command and Conquer Rivals frustrated me yesterday and that was not my day.

Remember scrolls and revive are bad. Don’t do like me ? 

PS : Glad for the one who receive 50 gems+ in defense. I don’t care much my defense one day will regive me all my 2000 gems waste with a rage click ?


My idea isn’t taken in consideration.

Seems very little for New Years.  Castle buildings only. Not the community week I had hoped for either.

I hoped for conquest buildings included in that castle event. Disappointing it was to see full prices of those buildings. Have the gems to upgrade one building to level 7 and two to max.

Well… Hopefully after conquest that event is happening. 

Actually, that wouldn’t make much sense, since Flare had already released a new event a few months ago, only for those buildings.

I guess… You can only hope that event will be back again soon.


Very sad they don’t offer us what we wanted the most in end of 2018. With all Holiday chests and Legendary Gems Chests,league and all. I think everyone have plenty of gems now and probably many uber items and pro items to melt for Blacksmith Event. I have 1000 gems same after 2 upgrades of alliance tower. So hope for the start of 2019 2 things :

1.They fix this website and renew the certificate

2.They give us a community weeks really soon at the beginning of 2019. To start the new year in the right direction

Number 1 has been fix thanks. Now we wait number 2. A community weeks to start well 2019

Maybe it will come next week as compensation for the server disconnects. They said that there would be compensation so why not ?

Not have take long to stop listening. With Flare when they say : ‘‘We will listen you more’’ I have believe it on the moment like everyone I guess. Not anymore sorry. They know of to disappoint us :slightly_frowning_face:

Ask : December 9th

Today : January 15th

Still nothing just a Pal event where nobody have got something. Well really disappointing

Hi there folks,

This is from the dev Q&A October and that’s all I can say for now :slight_smile:

Q: Hey folks!  Can you make a community week I think this what called!

A: While we can’t give you an estimate on when exactly the next Community Week will be held yet, it will definitely be back.

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But I will forward this feedback again. :slight_smile:

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