Community week: Phase 1

The Community week starts in less than 15 minutes! Are you ready? We are starting it off with a Blacksmith Event ?

what is it for tomorrow? I am waiting for conquest castle upgrading with big discount.

Wow! 5 events this time! Awesome!! Can’t wait to see what the others are, but most importantly all the forges that we’ll be able to have!

Thank you. New player now your chance to grow faster and stronger. Take this opportunity. You need it. you have 9 days. So raid,upgrades and play during 9 days non stop.

I am looking forward to the guardian festival and pal collector.?

Fingers crossed for a stronghold event, need to get cq buildings to max ?

If there’s a Conquest Event, it’s possible it’d be mixed with an Alliance Party. It’d make sense, cause they’re in the same category

9 day Blacksmith


I bet its useless investment

True but generals gotta do it, if there aren’t many $$ spenders.  :ph34r:

mee too, i was collecting/fighting for gems the last half year :rolleyes:

I can only confirm that I wait for conquest building upgrade. That would make once again all my buildings max.

Having said that, release 5.0 is underway and I can’t imagine that there won’t be something that also needs gems to upgrade. I would not be surprised if we then get personal conquest building level 9 and 10. But okay, those gems I always can gather.

i hope not…conquest building level 9 and 10 costs 6*8000 diamonds i think, maybe more

I also hope not, but during all the new major releases, there always are gem investments added.

Is the blacksmith event over at the end of phase 1, or does it continue until the end of the community event?


It will continue till the whole community week concludes, it will run simultaneously with other events. :slight_smile: