Community week: Phase 2

Are you ready for Phase 2 starting in less than 15 minutes? Now is your chance to collect the one and only Sultan with the Sultan collector event! ?


Please note the following information:

The in-game message says:

The chance to find Sultan is 30%, but the (i) info-pop-up (for all other languages than German and English) says, the chance is increased by 30%. *

Correct is the chance to find Sultan is 30%.

*Time-wise we were only able to correct the issue for the German and English game language, but it is still incorrectly worded in the “i” for the other game languages. We will fix this with the new version.


That was awesome. :wink:

@ARREBIMBA, I don’t think chests collected outside of the event have the special event perks to go along with them. I may be wrong though

If you are looking to make yourself laugh…watch on 2x speed :wink: :lol: 

Nice move ARREBIMBA. Wow genious to stack them. totally forgot to do the same :slightly_frowning_face:

Chest each 2 hours. Its insane. If I start to stack them. I will have over 80 chests at the end of the community and open them at this moment. Thank you for this. Best event. I love so much Sultan and I hope to get like 40 Sultan to up him at level 5 or 6. Thank you for this. Can’t wait the others 3. Wonderful.

It didn’t work on daily pal chests tho, at least not in the last Pal Colector event (there were a couple topics about that here in the forums).

However, I really think it works on daily Guardian chests. A few friends also reported getting more guardians than usual on their saved up guardian chests.

I’ve opened lots of guardian chests in the past and the Guardian drop rate wasn’t remotely close to this.

I would have liked to see a reduction in guardian chest collect times during the event, it is the same as earlier, 8h with FB connected. ? 

Contact Support then. Guardian Chest is 4X more faster. So 8h to 2h. Well its the weekend they don’t work. You don’t have luck :slightly_frowning_face:

Very sad everyone who got this bug will miss this event :slightly_frowning_face:

Is really well mentioned 4X the Free Guardian Chests

I get my chests few minute ago

2 hours timer after

So I am very sorry for everyone who got a bug and still have 8 hours timer. Damn no luck you miss all this event :slightly_frowning_face:

please fix this bug @Madlen 
in info show 4x free chest but 3x work it 


Did you collect a daily chest before the event started?

I did that and the usual 8h cooldown was not affected by the event.

However, after the 8h were done, I collected my 1st guardian event chest and got 2h cooldown as supposed.

lol its not a bug. Read carefully

4X free Guardians Chests is related to the time. 8H without event. During Event 2H

the description under Facebook Link is about the number of chest you obtain outsides the event

8H X 3 = 24 hours

Just they don’t change it for a event

If you collect each 2H X 12 = 24 Hours

So during this event you have 12x chests

If you are good in math 3 X 4 = 12

you was able to do it by yourself. No need to be written

to be sure you understand I will explain it on form of a text. Math solution. Some are visual and other more textual. So I do both to be sure.

Before Friday Morning the chest was normal 8h and we was able to get 3 chests per day. Later that day a event have start who reduced the time by 4. Now the players have 4 times more chests. How many chests a player get?

If the normal is 8h for 1 chest. you have 24 hours in a day. 24 divides by 8 = 3 chests

If the event said we have 4 times more chest. How many chest we have?

If the time was 8 is now 4x more faster that means 8 divide 4 = 2 hours

If we have a chest each 2 hours. 24 divide 2 = 12

you can also just if you know we have 3 chest per day. If we have 4 times more chests. 3 x 4 = 12

that was not hard for a calcul.

PS : Anyway I don’t see why you focus on a very small useless detail like this one. We don’t care about this. You need only to care about this information if you are a robot,a cyborg or a undead. For the information I don’t think one player here is other thing than human. You need to sleep,go to work and all. No one will be able to collect all the 12 chests anyway. So this information we don’t care. Same if Flare have writting it. Change nothing. You will probably collect half of them


Ah, my bad then. I think I just collected it before the start, sorry folks for the confusion ?

Managed to max out Sultan (which then allows you to convert to pal treats with an ominous “More coming soon”, which doesn’t make sense).  Also, in hundreds of chests, not 1 single Gaspar (currently have level 2 from a one time offer, but need 1 to get to level 3).

How many pal treats do you get for each Sultan now?

Great video @ARREBIMBA, strangely relaxing! Haha

I think I had never opened one of these until a couple days ago when this phase 2 started and I opened like 20, or so. (Yeah, I guess I may suffer from some condition that prevents me from opening chests until they are about to expire… The problem is: these never do!)

Anyone knows the total number of Sultans required to max it out? @neilr81 perhaps? I feel willing to fight my disorder for a maxed out Sultan

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