Community week: Phase 4

It’s time to start phase 4 of the Community week in 15 minutes! ?

Now here is a good one: A Nidhogg collector event! ?

Niddhog is the rarest pal in the game.

Nice ?

This is nice, but, I think it would’ve been better to combine the guardian and pal collector events. Pal collector is the worst event and combining the 2 would’ve been better in order to make room for a more useful event. Just an idea. I am glad that we have a chance to find nidhogg though 

We already have improved the pal event after last pal events feedback (chances to find a pal). I think nobody saw my announcement lol (it was in the 4.5. patch notes). It is hopefully better now, check it out :slight_smile:

It seems to be a lot better now!

On previous pal collector events the chance to find a pal seemed to be just as hard as when there was no event happening

Now I opened 10 pal chests and got 5 pals,
and one of them was Nidhogg! First time I ever find Nidhogg on a pal chest!! :wink:  (mine was from the Aska/Nidhogg festival)

And great pal choice btw! It’s a really rare one!
It’s not even hard to find alliances that already have some Beasts at max level but Voracious Niddhogg still on level 2 or 1!!!
(maybe that should also be taken into consideration for some balacing changes on that beast)

120 chests and 51 pals.

worse then quardian chests

Open 30 guardians and 10 pal. got Gaspar but unlucky don’t get Nidhogg. Still 3 days to collect chests. I will open them at the end. Hope to get it to complete my collection

I agree with @Darkerion! The event looks totally legit this time.

Last time I had like 100+ pal chests stored and got an astounding 0 pals out of the pal collector event (I believe it was an archimedes one). The same doesn’t hold now!

I confirm I got 5 times niddhog in 23chests?

Not only that, but you made it so that saved up daily pal chests are now affected by the Pal Colector event’s bonuses.

That’s big. ?


ps: I’ve never seen this many Niddhogs in 2 years playing. It’s incredible. ^_^

Indeed it is the rarest pal and there was a time when I bought it with real money but the question is whether it is powerfull enough in comparison to pals like aska and Irmgard… answer is no…

It is sad for me, I have opened 25 pal chests (20 chests before event and 5 chests during event) I think, but there is no any pal ?? 

except 1 pal from daily reward pal chest, which guarantee contains 1 pal


I got 42 pals from 125 daily pal chests:

  • 5 Tammy
  • 3 Archimedes
  • 10 Niddhog
  • 1 Aki
  • 8 Howl
  • 6 Growl
  • 2 Bucky
  • 7 Kaiser

This is about 1 pal for every 3 chests. Pretty good results. 
In the last Pal Colector Event I got 1 pal in every 10 chests. This is a big improvement. ?


ps: the video is best seen at x2 speed, as suggested by @AwesomestKnightest  :wink:

Wow this vid is impressive! I ve never seen so many pal chests opened at once! Btw are your fingers alright? because spam clicking for 5 min is…long?

People are so much lucky. Not my case open over 20 pal chest and nada.0 Nidhogg. I guess I will searching this pal for a another 1 year :slightly_frowning_face:

Don’t worry, I also found zero nidhogg pals, just one growl so far. And I open several (4+) pal chests a day.

I was not planning to use nidhogg anyway, it’s not the end of the world. I know it could make the collection more complete, but it’s fine with me. 

I am more happy with the guardians I find and even while it’s not the rare ones. I hope to find a few more donkeys, so that I can upgrade it to level 6.

Yup, the pal collector is unlucky for me. But I really enjoy the guardian collector event, almost every chest got a guardian, I even found G-5000, the only guardian I dont have.

I just opened a pal chest, Eldrak, Growl and Nidhogg inside. A nice find.

Still too random I think, it makes no sense that inside a dozen chests contain no pal at all, while inside a single one holds 3 pals. Someone could be fortunate and find a lot of pals, while others are more fortunate. 

Finding pals I already have feel like bringing water to the sea, since nobody in my team will use the beast anyway. So pal event isn’t as valuable as guardian event, only nice to complete the common pal collection.

Guardians on the other hand help a lot and are more valuable. Especially when you find a couple ones of your favorite guardian, it brings you closer to a stronger version of them, so they help you to level up. Now I didn’t find any special guardian like Gaspar and G-5000, but that’s fine with me, I already have them (Level 1) and use another one. 

They might not use the beast, but 1) you’re improving your beast boost and 2) when you get those beasts to lvl10 you’ll get lots of gold for your alliance.

These pals are very useful.

I don’t care if I don’t get any others pals I just want 1 Nidhogg to complete my collection. Hope the last chests will give it to me.Seem too much to ask. Pals seem very too much low again. 30% seem wrong again. on 30 pals chest I get 3 Bucky and 1 kaiser nothing else. Very disappointing event. Please no more pal event. the last one was disappointing with 100 chests no pals. This one is again disappointing too much random. Some are lucky and others not.

However  the guardians event is really awesome I got huge amount of Sultan,Donkey and Trusty and unlock Gaspar

So in future community week no more pal event please or if you give us others up the % at 60% for at least 6 pals or 8 pals