Community week: Phase 5


?Kings and Queens,

Are you ready for the Grand Finale?

It will start in 15 minutes! This is the last stage of the Community week! We hope you have enjoyed it so far!

Make sure to check the in-game announcement in 15 minutes to see all the bonuses the last stage has to offer! ?

Your Royal Revolt 2 - team

I wish “Grand Finale” without disconnections (it happened in the last hours of the previous community week).

hope this time its a Grand Finale without a breakdown server of 5 days :lol: like last time

It’s started bad:  I pressed “Let’s start”, later >2 minutes with the picture of the king and the princess, after that the game disconnected, and then reappeared the picture with button “Let’s start”.

Same here, closed and started the game it works.

i am just getting it now…

19.44 (MAURITIAN TIME{GMT +4}) 14/03/2019


The 1 day upgrade tokens do not work with this event. I used one on something with 1day 18hrs left, and it didn’t change. I used another one, still didn’t change. So I’ve lost 2 tokens and wasted a worker on a small project ?

Turns out they just don’t work on wave upgrades.  I used it on a Heal Tower and it worked as expected.

Hi there, Sorry to hear. Was this a wave upgrade by any chance?

Yes, do they not work on wave upgrades at all?  I have another I was going to use on a heal tower, but didn’t want to after losing 2 of them. 

Edit: I tried it on a heal tower, it works.  I guess just not on wave upgrades.

Please check this post for reference (bad news - there is a bug, good news - it is only visual)


But I used 2 of them on something that had 1d 18 hrs left, if it was just a display bug, it should’ve finished when i used the 2nd one?  

Edit: It did finish I guess, but didn’t show up until i logged out and back in…

Thanks for the quick replies Madlen.

You are welcome.

Cool festival on the whole

Yes it is, only thing I miss is those dungeon 1 minute cool downs like last year. For me it doesn’t matter, I finished them last year when that low cool down took place.

Great event overall I really wish the wave and upgrade event would have taken place with more than 24 hours left. Also if only 24 hours for the finale why not make max time to 1 day for all items in the grand finale event? 

Because… “Gems”…

That’s why :slight_smile:

Speaking of gems if they wanted us to use gems you would think every player would have at least been offered a 30% off gems package for part of the event and maybe at least 1 special one time offer package but no, I sat back and was offered nothing at all for the entire event so I didn’t spend any real money. Guess they didn’t want it bad enough. ?‍♂️

I bought an interesting “one time offer” with 10k gems, 60 pals (7 Nidhogg) and 60 guardians (20 Sultan) at almost 75€ towards the end of the community week. Immediately after the end of the community week, I received special gem offers with +50% gems.