Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

So, the In-Game announcement tells us we have to expect a Community Week starting tomorrow.

Yay! Surprise! Very good.

But we are missing the details of the first event which we usually would have had to prepare. No Announcement either.
One more for @GalaMorganeto answer. Be quick, stuff is piling up! <_<

Bump, want to know more details too please.

It’s easier to ignore everything, less work

I want a dungeon hunter like event… 

The rumor is, the person who knew how to activate Festivals was fired. :lol:

So we get an empty community week, with no events  :wacko:.

Let’s hope for a few good events, like alliance party, blacksmith, and who knows what else. Hopefully no granny. We had it for a week last time and after day one (or even directly after start), everyone had enough of it.  

An xp boost event would also be welcome. 

The details? COMING SOON… ?

From my viewpoint - “Community”  mean something valuable that is given for free. It is something useful and given to the free players. 

(It will be sad if something else is meant by the term “Community”)


My hopes:

1st event - Blacksmith

2nd event - Pal collector (any pal really)

3rd event - Dungeon cooldown 1day

4th event - Alliance party

Yes - Followed by Alliance and defense layout upgrades.

I would like to see that all these events will be accompanied by an additional XP of ~X2, x3

Please no pal collector we have got one maybe few weeks ago. No Boost of Castles,etc… I want of course Blacksmith meltdown for pearls, a event for double or triple the XP and gold, Boost your Defense, Alliance Party for Alliance Tower and a event where the food cost -50% for more fight. Why not new event like Wave Event to allow us to build many wave we ask for it for a long time.

You have to admire how good they can ignore the community and how little they actually care about it. No wonder that this game is dead

Wave event now I finally maxed them all? Fine with me as long as blacksmith event is one of them and alliance party. The extra gold by player donation is welcome.

No details neither in this forum nor in Facebook.

I waited for this post???

complainers are here

At least you’re happy about the event. You know something we don’t? ^_^

Hell yeah, we never had that before. Talk about innovative. :lol:

You are actually waiting for Flare to answer??? I would be able to grow a foot long beard before they answer.

All my stuff are on cooldown.

what does it mean? I just will skip event.

what a tragedy!!! Need to make a lot of complaint posts???