Community Week - The Grand Final!

Kings and Queens,

This is INSANITY?! A brand new special event to conclude our Community Week and a plethora of AWESOME bonuses only for 24 hours! Join our Grand Final now!

  • Alliance Gem Chests for your Alliance friends for every Gem package purchase (content may vary depending on the type of package)
  • All Production Boosts activated for everybody
  • Boost everything (Castle, Offense, Defense):
    • Castle buildings: -50% Gold, -50% upgrade time and max.
    • Towers, Obstacles and Defensive Waves have -50% Gold and building time
    • Units are -50% Gold and upgrade time
    • Spells are -50% Gold and building time
    • 2d to construct (Alliance Tower NOT included)
    • Gems to Gold cost -50%
    • Workers are -50%

Have a fantastic day!

-Your Royal Revolt 2 Team