Community Week vs. Month - OT discussions allowed!

So, is a Community Month really better than a Community Week?

I do not think so. Most of the events do not need to be strechted like the current Granny Days (which is rather an annoyance, considering the low pearl melting values that seem to go with it). One day would be enough to get what you need from Grandma.

Looking at the set of events we previously got in Community Weeks, this was not a bad choice at all (Events started from left to right)

Boost Defense is good for many to have active for a longer time. Pearl Meltown is most valued by players (and still running 6 days as CW in fact was 8 days long), then Granny, okay one day might be enough but at least it is a chance to buy more Uberchests to melt if you are willing to spend gems for it. And the Alliance Event which also does not need to be very long but always is a players favorite. All in all a very good package.

So we may get different events in this Community Month, which might be worth to be kept for longer, but right now it does not feel very exciting. Overlapping events are a lot more fun and offer more advantages and excitement (e.g. more pearls for all gems spent). Maybe this will be considered next time when such an event is designed.

Sorry, I am starting so many new threads these days, but it is a sign I still have a little hope for things to get better and still am willing to give @GalaMorganea chance to find her place in this community. But this deleting of off topic messages and closing of threads has to end, I explicitly allow all OT matters in this thread! I would rather have the whole thing deleted than it being censored.

A whole month of great events (4) would be better than a community week, but the way it started, it doesn’t look too promising. First event was useless. One day for this event is enough. Unless there will be a blacksmith event and alliance party that runs as long as the granny event, the month will be crap.

Perhaps we will have Aska Collector in the future? or even Pro Pal Collector? So let’s wait and keep your hope up.

What’s worse in this History Month things is the way they handle it. They don’t announce it before hand but on D-day the event take place. Furthermore, their explanation for the event is really lacking, there’s no the details on how the History Month will running. CM just make “new topic” about same weekly event “Uber Granny Days”.

Let’s take a look back on how our precious previous CM handle new Community Event (I will just posted her official announcement):



LOL. Nice catch! ?



ps. @GalaMorgane

I’m holding out hope for the new update to come out as well, sometime during this new Community Month

Not sure why it hasn’t come out yet

That’s what I am hoping for. :slight_smile:

I am, too. For all my frustration with the communications I am looking forward to the UI improvements to the game. It will save minutes every morning doing cleanup of the castle and melting things, which doesn’t seem like much but when you have kids to get off to school and yourself to get ready to work it adds up! 

I am actually not hoping for that. A collector event might (so not 100% sure!) give you that pal, but in most times it will not. Raising the odds from 0.0001% up to 0.0002% won’t change much.

I want an event where we can get that pal by just doing our best and score 15 crowns per day (30 on first day). Make sure those chests are giving enough currency so that we can buy it afterwards. A monthly event with this for 5 days would be fantastic.