Community Week

Community Week is 21 hours away, but the banner is mysterious and gives no hints as to what this event is.

I am still in my first year playing RR2 so this will be my first one, I was wondering what to expect?

Please feel free to clue me into this event (you can even make up some fake activities) :wink:

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Community Week holds 4 random events (Blacksmith, Boost your Offense, Boost your Defense, etc.) that last for one week. The first event will last longer than the others, so, for instance, if the Blacksmith is the first event, it’ll be around for 7 days, next day will be another event, that one will last for 6, then another event, that one will last for the last 5 days, and then finally the fourth event that lasts for the last 4 days. So, after the first 4 days we have 4 events going at the same time! It’s really awesome!

LOLest so farest  Awesomest my friend, Community Weekest is rather shall we say disappointingest.

I was hopingest for a Festivalest, a special offerest, something more thanest a Blacksmithest eventest.

it has beenest a very longest time since RR2est offered me any newest specialest offersest.

I am still wearing the eskimoest armor setest, I was hoping for a special offer for the Sanzu or Birthday armor

or a Community week offer of armor, guessest maybe easterest is my next hope for new gear.

anyways a Ninja event is a few days off, another PRO League, another Conquest

so I will have something to do.

Personally I found the Birthday week sort of blah, skins for a few units, new tokens

was hoping for armor or a pet.

Festival and Special Offers don’t count as “events” though they sometimes take the place of them. The Blacksmith Event is perhaps the best of all events, because you can forge and meltdown items in a much better way than usual. Meltdown gives you TONS more pearls, and you can forge every 12 hours…unbelievable event!

well I am still experiencing my 1st Community week, and I have to maintain my first impression,

this is by far a most disappointing RR2 event. the perks of XP boosts and such are nice enough

however…the New Sanzu armor set costs 194,000 (approx) PRO League crystals

and the Birthday set costs 130,000 crystals.

personally daily Uber chests with items from these sets would be a much nicer way

to celebrate and participate in a RR2 Community week.

1st - BS meltdown

2nd - Guardian chest event

3rd - 4x XP + Conquest buildings event + Alliance Party

All 3 events are awesome.


One thing I have to point out is, if you really want to make these events work, you have to be prepared for them (preparation always takes months). As you can probably tell by now, you must hoard as many chests, uber/pro items, pearls and gems to really make the best of these events.

But anyway, even if you were not prepared, just enjoy 5 full days of 4x XP to get lots of level ups. Equip a few XP items and really go for it. This is a golden opportunity that nobody should miss.

@SinisterEggplant there is 4 days more make the best by forging spells & troops (its better to start soon), also towers too, upgrading alliance tower etc. I have spent saved 70,000 pearls + 13000 pearls from melting items from uber chests bought during festival on forging spells and troops and heal+chloris ring, still there is 4 more days and I don’t have pearls and items to melt anymore. I have upgraded my alliance tower to 750K, bought 5 inventory slots to store items for next event. This is a very important and useful event. The Blacksmith event alone is worth it, the other events make it even better. Wish I had more pearls and items to melt.

awesome(st) :wink: :lol: 

Community Week is over, TY RR2 Forum community for replying to this topic.