Community Week ?

What is the probability of community week being announced today?? 

Also what do u think… Which events will be a part of community week except our beloved BLACKSMITH.

Will love to see a community week  :wink:

I’m also hoping on a community week with a blacksmith event in it.

It was hinted the blacksmith would come along for a longer period, it’s almost rr2’s birthday & after a war it’s more likely.

Isn’t it used to have a live server update before an event?

If it’s a community week, these would be my 4 picks:

  • Blacksmith

  • Pal collector

  • Dungeon cooldown (like we had in the advisor’s choice event)

  • XP event

Add alliance party

If there’s only 4 things, I think all of those 4 are better than the alliance party.

I need to update my AT but I can do it in a future AT party event.


Community Week or Festival either one would be great

Yes. Expecting some thing nice for the 4th rr2 bday

In fact, I do not see a probability that this will happen, because they have already announced an event a few hours ago.

Although it would be great!

an event that does not have an end date gives hope :slight_smile:

HI All

I wrote already about it in one of my post…  last community week was in summer last year… so it is time for it. But I think we will never see CW here anymore.

And what make me angry that we even do not know why not …  zero communication. :blink:

Something strange has been happening over the last few weeks!
And it’s totally discouraging!