compacted bases

there isnt a post about this so figured id start it


ive compacted my base all towers and blockades with a small paperclip


so should be easy enough -killemog ingame ranked 170ish come get it


i have gold shield on and need to derank some as peoples defenses are getting a bit out of my league for now


also feel free to post your own compacted base(open or not) with a bit of info if wanting to derank a bit

still hard for me 😅

my king lvl 62

3,600 Trophies… I think I will pass.


What about mine? Not compacted base, just semi-open base with some towers but full troops.

Zoname is my King name with 3,000 Trophies.

lmao massive you still took one trophy lol alright ill remove 2 towers

feel free to post it the idea about strait bases is you want people to know your doing it to increase the number of attacks :wink:

Ouch…I’m just mere lvl 32…I took a look at it just the same…maybe after a couple more thousand trophies…lol

Just spam gems and beat our base!

lol yeah its still a bit hard core for atleast 60% of the players but figured someone would rerank me a lil and a few people low ranking even tryed taking a few trophies with them lol