comparativeness of winning and loosing Trophies

What experience do you have? I think there is no comparativeness between winning and loosing trophies in a war. As example I can win against my oponent which is strong 6 trophies and if I did up more than half the way destroying most of the defence I loos 60 trophies, thats far to much.

I lost 6 trophies against you -__- But I’ll get them back (=<

6 is not much and is OK but 60 if you fight against a strong memeber and destroy more than half of is defence?

You lose up to 65 I believe when you die early on base you attack via matchmaking , the loss is capped at lower value ehen you attack via leadetboard.It is like this I think to make it fair for the defender as they cant control anything , just setup defence and hope for the best while raider control their raids.Something like that.Its annoying of course and risky especially when you’re top 100.