compare for what?

I think he means to see how far he has come in the game, and to congratulate him on his progress.


Congratulations on your progress in the game, InstantNoodles! It won’t be long before you have max-lv skull towers  :grinning:

Lets attack him so we can really see how far he came hehehehe

you could become even stronger by joining an alliance InstantNoodles

I have some open spots in mine right now :stuck_out_tongue:


youre welcome

No, ur welcome!  :wink:

im confused now…whose welcome

quite some progress there and I like your IGN , maybe you should join Todesritter once you’ve grown stronger  :lol:

The noogres are coming the noogres are coming!!!

Wow, the lower game really changed since I was in that range… FB towers in the 1200 trophy range :open_mouth:

my second account is at 1500 and I still only use arrows and bombs

They’re my orge versions of noogres :stuck_out_tongue:

IDK  :wink:

im a newb but still never got the hang of this game