Compensation crystals Protection

Hello. You are wrong again with the payment protection. I have shown that the enemy rubs 3 prayer and died twice. And adding just one crystal.

Rubs 3 prayer?

As I understand it, for each prayer (the magic of the crystals) and the death of a hero, a defender gets 1 chip.

Who checked a second time: the enemy using 4 and prayer three died, and was added only 2 crystal. Another shot and 29 cups


From what I can see on your screenshot, the enemy resurrected.

Also, please note that the data on the heat map is not for one enemy only. It means the invocations may have been used by more than one player for example, and that one player resurrected once, and another one two times. :grinning:

if a Hero resurrects, you will not get gems for it.