Compensation event and/or reimbursement

In this game, there are disconnections since yesterday morning (i.e. about 7.30 am time CET). Therefore, I’m going to do a poll/survey to allow players to choose a compensation event and/or a reimbursement. Disconnections ruined my plans for the last about 4 hours and half of community week.

As compensation, I suggest an event that should start on the next Wednesday afternoon and finish on the next Friday morning. It should have 1 minute digging dungeons + 50% lower price and 50% shorter time to upgrade units, spells, waves, towers, obstacles and buildings (except for alliance tower).

As reimbursement, I suggest Flaregames to pay back money spent by players on Saturday morning or during the whole community week.

The survey/poll will finish on the next Wednesday at midday/noon time CET.

where is none of the above option?

2 and 3 are never going to happen why even include.

1 we just had community week, 1min dungeons i am pretty sure at this stage most people are as far as they can get.

I want CA$H.

And not CASH spent during community week.  I want all of my cash back.

As a matter of fact, I want it back with an 18% interest payment.

I want the cash back that others players spent.

And I want a set of hero items that are forged to SP 35%.  

And milk and cookies. 

What is your solution to keep players about disconnections? My mobile internet data is almost finished (also because my mobile operator extended my plan from 4 weeks to 1 month) and the renewal will be tomorrow. Because of this, yesterday morning I spent thousands of gems to fill my chamber of treasure to upgrade my waves, towers, spells, etc., instead of doing raids with gold gear and doing a lot of dungeons (I would have used a part of those gems to use scrolls).

Did you use Gems (the pink diamonds) to buy Gold?  

During Community Week I figure I was spending about 20-30 million gold per day at Granny’s for meltdown, because I can only store 15 million.  

Yes, I did it also during Christmas holydays to upgrade spells (I prefer to maximize all my units and spells before upgrading my throne room).

And half of my workers are still resting istead of working.

I think 500-1000 gems for all is enough+ full 3 war boosts for every alliance

I agree, the community week was an amazing thing and we only missed out on the end. The worst things impacted by this problem are the war and the pro league. My 15 year old son plays and he had 2 disconnections playing the pro league on the early levels which really annoys me because he spends his own money buying gems to take part. 

So I think we should have the 500-1000 gems with the 3 war boosts but also include extra chests for everyone who took part in the pro league.

The problem did start 3-4 hours before end of community week. A good compensation is hard to give. This had impact on community week, war season and pro league.

Community week was for 8 days, so they gave us already more than a week. So there is no need for compensation there.

Remains war season and pro league. For pro league a ticket and some pro chests are welcome and for the alliance, give the pro boost level plus one level extra.

For war seasons, my team is clearly strongest on the map, so why reward the other teams with all boosts? Better, give players all war chests. 

I wouldn’t like it if all alliances had boosted arblasters in their defences.

Individual compensation like gems/chests/pro tickets is a better option here.

I like to see how many guys here when they talk about compensation immidiatly start to tell things like: we are strongest alliance on the map, no need rewards ro all and etc))

thats why imalways against compensation, i dnt need something from flare, ijust have fun


another side of this situation.

every alliance absolutly inthe same situation. Every side has DC. So lets imagine this dc is just a war boost, like the mortar???


really guys you all are amazing

I dont need compensation. I just want better communication from Flare in the future. Leaving so many questions unanswered in the forum is very disrespectful towards players. 

Answering these annoying Disconnections one day late and asking for reasons when this happens while it is happening all the time is just a joke.

The last Communtiy Week made a lot of players happy. But doing such things once in a while is not enough. Give us real communication and a Community Manager working together with the Developers, so he/she can provide feedback for problematic situations like this. 

@flaretara @Archimedes

There should be compensation by principle. Game infrastructure fell apart, especially during a critical time (war), so here’s a little something to make up for all the troubles. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it doesn’t have to be related to whatever part of the game you personally were affected (war, pl, cw), but as consolation and as a sign they acknowledge their responsibility as the provider of the service flare should do SOMETHING. Gems and boosts, as Cromka suggested, is fine. Chest, as Dena suggested, is also fine. An actually effective customer support that WORKS WEEKENDS, as suggested by probably everybody would be most appreciated, although that should be a matter of everyday practice and not something special. So as long as they show they actually care about their customers (though more often than not it seems they don’t), I’m fine.

I love this! Gamecrasher Boost! Hahaha! :lol:

(traduzam) Na minha opinião, eu acho que uma compensação pela queda do servidor seria ótima, talvez com um baú de gemas, não muitas, umas 500 talvez.

sobre a guerra… É complicado, muitos na minha aliança perderam o ataque por causa da queda do servidor, talvez a Flare  devessem dar o prêmio principal para todas as alianças.

My poll/survey about compensation and/or reimbursement is due to impact of disconnections on the last about 4 hours and half of community week. I haven’t considered war season and Pro League (infact they are absent like hashtags in this topic). Players concentrate efforts especially on the weekends.

Furthermore, it’s easier to find the type of compensation for a Pro League season or for a war season, while for a community week it’s more difficult.

For a Pro League season, Flaregames gives 1 pro ticket + 2 pro chests to the players.

For a war season, I prefer Flaregames gives chests and gems instead of war boosts to the players.

Gems + pro chests.

No money back, no all boosts.

Do what @MagischerKoenig said and give us whatever you want. Gems, pro ticket, pearls, war chests, one event or nothing at all… I won’t mind. 

I agree with four. Many of us have finished dungeons before this community week and they are not going to return our money

We must demand free war boosts for all alliances and compensation in form of gems and pro chests

Hopefully they don’t give you anything back. I believe they are working hard to fix this, even though they have to improve communication with us when these things happen. 

I don’t think giving compensations such as gems or chests makes much of a difference, it only pleases the desperate chest hungry players who probably hope these things to happen to get free compensations. These things happen in games. 

What i think would be enough is perhaps an unique item or pal skin that only players active during this “chaos” get. Doesn’t have to be a lot if it HAS to be something. 


Will never happen, also because they can’t create an item or skin in 1 day. And i don’t believe players like to wait. I think they might do something like giving out few gems (which would be the easiest and fast way for them) or all 3 war rewards (less likely but possible)