Compensation for bugs

Hi. After the updates began to have severe bugs. And especially (!) among Russian-speaking players. That for discrimination?) The game hangs on the chests (you can’t receive purchased gems), the game hangs when you press on the level of prestige, hangs when viewing advertising. And this is not a complete list. Many of our children do not go to the game! Personally, we (Щит и Меч), can’t play in the war, when other alliances are no problems with it.

But we found a workaround and hope it somehow will help the administration. Our players (or rather those who saw the message) changed the language of their devices from Russian into English. And then some of the problems disappeared. After that, the game freezes. But still sometimes throws in the midst of battle.

We, the Alliance “Щит и Меч”, “Ruscorp”, “Песнь льда и пламени”, “РАША ФЕДЕРАША” and a bunch of other Russian-speaking alliances ASK the ADMINISTRATION to make payment. Compensate us the trophies we’ve lost due to disconnects. And compensate us with crystals that we have not received the daily chests.

We came to You not simply with the problem, but also with probable cause. So I hope You will appreciate our efforts, and compensate our inconvenience fully. And while We (and our group is now 442 people) and refuse any donation, until the problem is resolved

Sincerely, the Alliance “Щит и Меч”, and all Russian-speaking community games In anticipation of the changes, Your MrSinner. General of the Alliance

In anticipation of the changes, Your MrSinner. General of the Alliance “Щит и Меч”

Hello administration! My nickname is :crossed_swords:HARDCORE​:crossed_swords:.

  1. After upgrade not able to extend the prestige!

  2. after update can’t open chests! (I bought chests for ₽) and the daily is also not working.

  3. the game would crash 5-7 times lost approximately 170-200 cups.

  4. the catapult is in place (mistake) because of this lost the battle in the war.

  5. several times was not able to log into the game! 6) you can not change the equipment of your characters (error and game crash) 

Please repair the damage in the form of crystals and chests. If you have the opportunity you can check all the information. Thx 


Hi! I am an officer of the Alliance “Щит и Меч”. My nickname :skull_and_crossbones:?RostL​:crossed_swords::skull_and_crossbones:
Since the release of the latest game updates I can’t open the boxes daily, to renew the prestige, to change the equipment of their characters. When attacking players on the island or war alliances, my game crashes in 80% of cases.

I lost a lot of cups, crystals, and, most importantly, will miss this war!

After changing the language settings on your smartphone from Russian into English, managed to solve 99% of these problems. This discrimination? It turns out that only Russian players are experiencing these problems?

Good afternoon,  I am an officer of the Alliance “Щит и Меч”. My nickname   MaKSoNiyS

Same problem with the game and I have! 
Not yet switched to English on my phone,couldn’t play at all. Because I was persistent unresponsiveness in the game, hung out trebuchets, couldn’t change gear on the heroes, lost 250 crystals 5 days after the update, not to mention the fact that there is no daily chests and thus lacked attack other players to stay in the top! And also could not open the prestige and extend it! Graphics gone bad on the chests. All this,because if not translated into English,it would lose all of the chests that won the war, because they could not extend the prestige and this time,when there was a plate on the end of the prestige,the phone started to hang at boot and thus could not enter the game! nerves are already so much money invested in the game and huge desire to play with your mates on the game,but to release a raw update,you zastavice not only to leave the game,but to put a bad rating and do not really want! because of this, we already lost a good player who no longer wants to play. don’t want to admit it and ask to fix it. I hope you will respond to our requests and will refund payment,with respect MaKSoNiyS!


good afternoon respected administration! my nickname in :crossed_swords:?MAKSON?:crossed_swords: game. I fully subscribe to the words of friends who have written above. From your side it really discrimination to Russian !!! Lost a large number of cups, chests of diamonds in battle flies, it is impossible to extend the prestige … and a lot of other bugs in the game! I spent a lot of wasted time, effort and nerves! Do we need this game ??? On your side, and could be rolled back in the game for a while until you have eliminated the bugs! And another can make all last week! I require at least some compensation in the game for your time and nerves!

This game is getting suck :slightly_frowning_face:  .I am not dare to attack any island due to the crashing may happen and its like a paint in the ass.



I join all of the above.

I opened one of the first mistakes theme in the game after updating 23,11,2016g. !!!

Unfortunately, so far I have not seen even the slightest response to his appeal !!!

I have you on the mistakes for 2 days until the weekend !!! BUT. You’re not even paying attention to my post, quietly left for a vacation and left without the support of the players …

I and many RU players angered by your inaction.

I repeat:

-The game hangs at the entrance.

-The game freezes on the “prestige” button.

-The game freezes on the “daily gifts”.

-trebushety stuck at the beginning of the road.

I and members of my alliance lost the opportunity to receive a daily rewards chests and bought gems, chests for viewing ads. Many players could not take part in the war.

Only because we have the resourcefulness RU players the opportunity to continue playing the game. We found a way to remove many of the mistakes by changing the device language from Russian to English.

Perhaps you have a problem with localization? Or is it discrimination ???

I ask you to take into account our requests and wishes. We want decent compensation instead of the loss of the last 5 days. We are looking forward error correction.

Sincerely, Dez123, RU Alliance officer “Кузнецы”.

Asus ZenPad 8".    Model number P024.   Android version 6.0.1


Hello! I am General of the Alliance “Ruscorp” my name is АЛЁНА?. After updating the game crashes, freezing when trying to open chests, prestige and a change of clothes to the heroes who were not working General chat, off the war, which led to a drop of rage to nowhere. My officers could not make entry into the game, we lost many players due to this losing war. I also think that this is discrimination against Russian players. after such a relationship does not want to play. Require the return of the crystals.

Hello everyone,

Thankyou for reporting these issues, we are looking into them and will deliver a version with fixes as soon as possible. In the meantime, it would be very useful to know which devices you are using which experience these issues.

Very sorry for the issues you’ve had with the new version.

Thanks for your patience.

I have an iphone 5s
Still throws among the battle. After changing the language at least gives open chests

And after reinstalling the game gives you to recover your account to my fighter. His nickname is Vladist- (now his nick: -Vladist-2). Filed a ticket in support, but I would like to speed up this process

Ipad 4

is there any compensation?

well, I do not require excessive compensation, at least fair. Moreover, we (Russian-speaking community games), I found the cause of most problems. Replaced to you personally a test team.

Asus ZenPad 8".    Model number P024.   Android version 6.0.1

Thankyou to everyone who gave us information here. We have identified a problem and are looking into it; we are very sorry for the problems you’ve had with the new versions.

We can also confirm that switching to English will fix the issues for now, until we can get a version of the game to you with the problem fixed.

Well. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the reply.

Please note that switching to another language solves only part of the problem. We are still in the midst of the throws of battle. I’ve already lost so about 300-350 trophies on an empty place

request compensation cups! I lost more than 300-400 cups because of departures from the game. together our alliance loses thousands of cups. :crossed_swords:HARDCORE​:crossed_swords: