Compensation Re : Windows 1.8 issue

Ok so it is now day 2 and for some I’d be thinking the start of day 3 of this windows 1.8 issue…


Bottom line we …as in Win 1.8 players have been unable to get online…a lot of us have loot that is basically free for the taking…unprotected as it were…more like unable to protect it…


I can only speak for myself here…but I have 2 win 1.8 accounts…on an average day I will loot roughly 3 to 4 mil coins and trophies that pretty much varies…I’m more into upgrading buildings and troops as it were…


My taverns are level 9 which is a big chunk of coin 3200 per hr…my Treasure chamber  is lvl 10 protects 400 k …do the math…I usually leave the treasure chamber at around 200 to 300 k …gives me a good start in the am for coin drives for upgrades…


SO I’m thinking with this down time there should be some compensation from flare…for the loss of coin and trophies and gems…


Someone has to be held accountable and compensation given to those effected by this Windows 1.8 issue!!!


Thank You!!!

Unless you had a 3day shield, its not too big of a loss.

Glad to find this thread.  I’m still confused as to why they would release a 1.6.0 version that disabled a platform.  Why not just wait a day or two until they had it correct?  Anyway I too feel a bit screwed.  It would have been much more professional if they had at least set up a splash screen to explain the issue.  All I get are a selection servers, most appear to be dev servers, including my favorite “Dennis’ proxy server”.    Compensation might be nice, but I’d be happy if they were just able to fix the issue and put procedures in place to prevent it from re-occurring.

Hmmm… not fixed yet. I wonder why this problem wasnt tested first before the release of the update. I can be a game tester. 


anyway when fixed I need a good alliance. junejunne 20k donations




you can KIK me at that name as well


It takes about a few days for a simple firebolt upgrade im pretty sure you guys can wait that long

Perhaps if I could have looked into the future I would have bought a 3 day shield…but I can’t do that…Point being it is a loss regardless of what lvl you are…you totally missed the point… the loss also pertains to metal drives for those wanting top spot in tournaments and the gem pay outs…for myself it’s missing out on a number of upgrades for my troops and buildings…we can’t play period…perhaps if it’s not too big of a loss you might want to give all the win 1.8 players the rewards that we might have reaped had we been playing…

Ya we can wait…we don’t have a choice now do we??? The point is but we shouldn’t have to wait …if every one had your mind set nothing would be done and noone would be held accountable…


Flare as a company has an obligation to keep things running for their customers paying or nonpaying…and keeping those customers happy…AKA customer service…if you are going to let a portion of the data base play while others can not compensation should be given to those that can not…


My thought is if only a portion of players could play why not take the whole game off line till it gets fixed…I know the win 1.8 crowd wouldn’t mind…


You do know there are other upgrades that do take less time right??? Just referring to your thounderbolt tower upgrade comment…or have you forgotten about the players that are noobs???

First of all, I don’t think Atlas1000 wanted to insult you in any way, he rather wanted to point out that - despite it is annoying and you are right to dislike the situation - after all, not playing for a day or two won’t do that much harm after all (unless you had stockpiled a lot of gold before and your gold shield expires meanwhile), as progress in the high levels of the game takes many months, so a day or two won’t matter that much. And after all, a lot of players might not have (much) time for playing on some days, so just imagine you were busy with real life stuff those two days and it would be no different, right?


Still, as already mentioned, it’s annoying and it shouldn’t be the case. Just angering about it too much won’t help you, nor speed things up. Using the offline time for buying some Christmas presents might be worth more to you personally.


Also, posting on the “offtopic” forum won’t be helpful… this rather belongs to “bugreports & technical help” or “general discussion”. moving it to latter one now.

Thanks for moving this…wasn’t sure where to put it…


Ok now looking at the big picture…I’m trying to wrap this around my mind…shouldn’t matter much??? Maybe to you an some others…but I’m certain that there are some that feel the same as I do…regardless on what level you are playing at…the fact remains…some of us have access to the game and some of us do not…and the ones that don’t will have losses …regardless on size or amounts…does that seem right or fair to you???  and now you’re going to sit there and tell me it’s all good???



It just seems that some seem to have the aww too bad attitude…or it wouldn’t matter too much…or you won’t loose to much… or a general sucks to be you… suck it up buddy and stop complaining…


Totally wrong…some one messed up…messed up big time…and unfortunetally some of us are SOL…totally not fair…I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot if this issue would be taken so lightly…


The main idea of my post was to put the idea out there that players with out access to the game perhaps should be given some sort of compensation due to this win 1.8 issue…and that point has been lost…


By the way I’m more frustrated with not being able to access the game while others are for two days now…what’s angering me is the narrow minded responses…and the oh well la de da attitude…


I just noticed that Jona put up a post about 1 hr ago pertaining to this issue…it now looks like it might be yet another day or two before we get the fix…


Oh in closing…my Christmas shopping is already done…hopefully we (win 1.8 players ) will get an early Christmas gift from Flare


I think it would definitely be a bigger issue if if was other people, but we can’t do anything atm. 

Who knows they might give some re-compensation, they might not. 

We’ll just have to wait and see. 




I like this.

The best thing to do is file a support ticket if you have/had a active gold shield on request those gems be refunded. Downtime suck, but it happens. They are trying to bring the game up as soon as possible for you guys no doubt about it. IOS users had a similar fate last week all be it not as bad as we could still log in. Patience is a virtue, ot will get fixed and just again send in a request for a refund on those gems you lost. They may or may not refunded it but that is the best shot and they are pretty good about refunding gems for issues IMO.  


Great Petpeeve… I was about to make a new thread about possible compensation… but unfortunately i fall asleep last night…hahahha

Lunatic 4,

its a big loss, how can he be able to fill up his treasure chamber if he can’t play and farm more golds.

its becomes a useless shield.


“not playing for a day or two won’t do that much harm after all”

It HURTS a lot…in a bigger spectrum… It’s been more than 60 hrs without RR2.


Our Enemies keep on raiding, and we can’t fight back

Our GOLDS are depleting and looted over and over again, and we can’t refill and upgrade

Our Trophies are diminishing, and we  can’t upsurge.

We Lost our League, we lost our possibility to win more gems.

Our workers becomes unemployed

Our upgrades put on hold, time we’re wasted.

We can’t donate golds in our Alliances.

It’s very inconvenient for us windows pc user.

SIgned up just to cosign the need for some type of balancing action needing to be done for us windows 8.1 users and also to say that the non windows 8.1 users come off as very condescending in responses in this thread. I have paid to upgrade my kingdom bought gems on a few occasions and now I feel like we are being screwed and you guys are like too bad so sad but if the shoe was on the other foot maybe you other platform users would be a little bit more understanding. I am the leader of a Alliance, I was in the middle of a tourney and had a bunch of gold unshielded  now I look like a non involved leader and have definitely lost the tourney. All that said some little I am sorry for screwing you users you are still important to us compensation would be awesome…

also as a a Moderator on a couple of other forums wanted to comment that the response from some of the Mods in this thread is totally inappropriate and reflects badly on flare as a company. As a paying client of this company I would want people to take my issues seriously instead of  Insulting response basically saying thanks for your money now screw off and get some christmas presents that is a better use for your time then spending money with us on this game…

As a pretty hardcore player I don’t feel the need for any particular compensation although I wouldn’t say no. :grinning:


I see all these people come out of the woodwork complaining, but not willing to fight for changes that effect the bigger picture. Like the bread function. People this might go on indefinitely.


It might be effecting you right now, if not certainly in the future.


Lets put your passion towards making the game better rather than bashing on them because they made a few mistakes.

I’d hardly call it promotion. Oh and BTW you will not be getting any kind of compensation by acting the way you do. Hold yourself with a little more grace.


I won’t continue with this, I think you are just trolling.


I wonder if solomon the wise will get consistently raided :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand what you are saying and I agree somewhat. That should not be what a staff member should be saying, but he is just trying to ease the tension between others with a more happy thought. We are people too, have been effected by this and other outages similar in the past.  A think to note is even tho it says STAFF, we are just fans of the game and not actual STAFF for flare games in any way shape or form. I think what he was trying to get across was happy holidays! 


Facts are, flare games as a company has never issues a large compensation package EVER in this game. I have asked as have other before for them to do it and it just isn’t something they have never done, so don’t expect it. Constructive feedback and examples of how this negative effected your gameplay experience is the way to go about posting here on the forums. They will respect the time and effort you took to write something like that verse a F you thread I f’ing lost this and that.


 THEY HAVE Issued compensation for sending in support tickets and explaining your situation in a constructive/ polite way. A large compensation is not something they have done in nearly 9 months and things like this have happened in the past. ERRORS suck, like i said just last week all of the IOS users had a similar issue. If you have been greatly effected by this please send in a support ticket and explain your situation to support and as for gems to be refunded possibly.