Compensation when crash bug is fixed?

How many of you have spent tons of gems on raids which crash? Should Flare give some compensation? If so, what compensation do you think we should get from Flare?

Community Month.

Every alli first place in current warseason? We were out after first day because of all the crashes…

 A community week would indeed be no bad answer. But this time with the original pearl madness (5 times pearls) included and not on last day! 

yeah we also experienced many crashes during first day of war…

First place for everyone should fix the disappointment.

Community week seems also a good compensation

Aska-Collector Event.

community year


Frankly, the compensation I want is for Flare to work weekends if they are going to have wars, ninja, pro and other events on weekends. It is insane they don’t staff weekends when things are so buggy with the game. 

Millenium! Perma events! :lol:

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It would only be fair to compensate EVERYONE for gems spent on scrolls in this war season because this war season was completely unfair and not dependent on skill but rather who had less game crashes. Flare YOU OWE US!

Everyone get 1st rank rewards in PL minus the crown and war boosts 

Does someone remember 20 minutes war? We had it like 2 year ago


need same 20 minutes war)))

I remember that, it was somewhere around summer 2015. We even won that one. That was fun.

A big smile on my face reading this :wink: .

when there was a ninja event as a result of which the players did not receive awards and the developers were unable to establish the player’s true position in this event, what was done? all players received the maximum rewards in their level of the event. I do not think that now the developers are ready to establish the truth of what and when might be in this season of the war without disconnects. so the first place award for alliances would be the best solution in my opinion. and the compensation of precious gems in war. it’s not we who are to blame for problems with disconnects. and those on whose fault all this happened should all fix and compensate

By awarding first place rewards to everybody, you are actually giving a penalty to those who rightfully won 1st place.

Exactly. Some war seasons weren’t influenced that much by the crashes. During our season we still showed who’s boss, so why would every alliance need to get all boosts? That would be unfair to the ones who did spend a lot of time and energy and won those prices. Why would I and my team for example do raid to win our wars (we had 9, won them all) and later hear that everyone will get first place?

First place you have to earn and when all teams would get first place for free, the number ones of seasons have a real reason to complain when all others get compensation. Bugs and crashes are part of most games, flare is doing their best to fix them. That’s it. 

Sure, some wars will be influenced by crashes, the very close ones, but most ones won’t be influenced at all. I know that some players report get a lot of crashes. That’s sad to read. Report it and when those players get for examples some compensation (war chests), that would be fine. 

Question is why those crashes occur? Was it double/triple archer boost in combination with pro league boosts? I didn’t have any crashes, I didn’t use archers at all. If I knew that putting some season plus pro boost archer boost combi in defense would lead to a crash, I would definitely put them in first wave and so would definitely do most amongst us. 

I faced no bases with triple boosted archers. I know we can’t avoid all situations, but when I have a freeze/crash I try to figure out the reason and avoid it. Why doing limited war raids without testing at opponents bases outside war season first, after a crash? Crashes occur due to situations where the game comes into a unforeseen state or in other words, the code wasn’t tested good enough, otherwise the crash was discovered. So when you crash, it could be due to something new (season or pro boost combination). 


no one knows who and why won first place. and how much the disconnects are to blame. so just compensate for the costs. And if you won then all is well, everything is fine, nothing terrible?

We lost battles with 40k skulls difference. I have several members in my alliance reporting crashes during battles, but no way is that to blame for our losses.

This season, we do not end top 3, but giving us 1st place rewards would totally not be rightful for the teams that did win them.

Players could have missed out on extra reward chests by not getting a certain amount of skulls, so compensating with gems or uberchests looks more fair to me.

Some of people in my alliance received answer from support stating that there will be no compensation for disconnections during ninja/pro/war. Classic flare.