hi flaregames,

sad enough for all the patches you guys updated that are not working correctly with the trophy system and defences for last 2 weeks! I know that you guys are working on it to fix it and hope it will soon turn out great to get the game back on track.

But you guys own us a big compensation for all the gems that are spilled on attacks, divine blessing, that have been bought and used last two weeks, you guys messed it up not us! but most of us spend gems to keep our heads above water just for nothing! 

dont have to make this topic very long, you guys know it and you guys need to give compensation for your mistakes!

Greetz CrAzYCMM

just a few examples of your paying customers, how we are screwed for 2 weeks this are the results now and still nothing is done about this mess! this is really unacceptable and feeling robbed with the gems we all have spend on a broken system!!


image-2016-06-15 (4).jpg

image-2016-06-15 (3).jpg

image-2016-06-15 (2).jpg

image-2016-06-15 (6).jpg

What is your point with posting all this screenshots? There always will be people with better units and defences. This is part of the game. 

Nobody forced any of us to pay. 

Take a deep breath. Count your lost gems. Move on


nope wont quit i fight for whats its worth! im not like you who accept all things in life for treateded like shit and be pushed around!



please dont share your personal life! not worth it!

Top guy is lvl 101… and 700 trophies now… tell me how that is butthurt?

Ummm… Is this a butthurt thread? …cause mine kinda hurts…not sure its related though…

I do find it extremely difficult to acquire trophies and make progress at the higher ascension levels.  There is something still wrong with this game.