Compilation of Often Requested Features

This is a copy and paste from my response on another forum topic but I realized it probably fits well here in the Suggestions category.

FlareGames, please make battle logs available to the players so we can verify with absolute certainty instead of constantly second guessing why trophies were lost or not gained. Every alliance I have been in and some topics on these forums, this has been a constant complaint. Also please disclose the formula used for calculating trophy worth.

There needs to be more transparency, especially since a lot of players actually do spend real money you should feel some responsibility to address our concerns. Saying it’s “probably” because you were attacked while online, or “based on a formula” (and not disclosing that formula), etc, is not acceptable . Your players having doubts is not good customer service.

Please just take the time to create an interface of some sort for these features and implement them soon. I’m sure these are very often requested features just as much as alliance wars was.

I like the game, I have bought a couple of big gem packs, I buy the monthly packs, I support this game financially as well as do other players, so please provide us with the features many of us are asking for.

To summarize, I/we are looking for:

Battle logs

Detail explanation regarding trophy calculation

A way to make a unit slot stay empty

A more robust chat system

A way for Generals and Officers to easily see how much EACH individual alliance member is both CAPABLE of donating, and ACTUALLY donating on a daily basis (at least a week’s worth of data) to ensure minimums are being met

A dashboard to track alliance members growth/trophy gain/loss, and their last login activity

If you have a toll free number, I’d be willing to have an actual conversation with the appropriate person or team (I’m not a coder, I’d just talk more in detail about these wants).

I really do like your game, and even though I’m not a top rank player, I’m still enjoying it a lot. I just think it needs some improvements and for your teams to actually take action on our suggestions to bring it to greatness.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.