Complaint about the game

I really like the game, but I noticed something That really gave me trouble and That he then dropped my esteem for the game itself, I talk of deals on packages That I get every time, before having the 500 gems for example, I went out every day the initial That package included the third worker, the third spell etc … as soon as I finally Reached the 500 gems That package has not Been seen, on the contrary arrived spells packages or packages worth 1,500 /4.500 builders, are sure soon overtake That amount of gems disappear packages, this makes me think That they are just excuses to get us to spend money at all costs, I feel very disappointed by this behavior.

it is there as an incentive to buy gems. when you have lots of gems you don’t get package offers, back when I started playing you can save them in your achievements to buy packages. But flare make it harder to do now.

Flaregames do on purpose this thing so you have to buy gems inevitably if you want that package. it’s their method to get money.

What would you do when someone has no gems on hes/her account? The only way to get him/her back on spending is ??? OFFERS of course.No? Surely you don’t have to be that smart to see it through.

Haha, Frustrating, isn’t it?

Same goes for the staff offered by granny. When you have not enough gems, the items offered are marvelous. When you have enough gems, you get offered sh*t…

Took me a lot of time too, to get used to this.

Like all said it before here - everything in this game is routing you only into one direction: Pay cash - Buy gems.

this is a business everyone wants to get paid …if everyone was a free player the game would cease to exist…so if you dont want to pay salaries to flare game employees you should find another game or quit complaing …they have families and mortgages too imo

Ya the system is not fair I agree but they want/need to make money.


There are ways to cheat this system though. Save your gems up in the achievements, gems not collected don’t count as ones you have. Also save your war season chests. Inside the magic chest you can get lucky and win gems. Also dungeons offer gems and you can wait until you need gems before clearing said dungeon. 


To make the package come back up again most likely as long as you have not purchased it just drop below 300 or so gems on your game and it will pop back up every few days until you buy it. Try to time your log ins with the end of the DAILY tournaments (meaning if the tournament where to end in 8 hours DO NOT LOG IN wait for it to get to under 6 hours before it ends) as well so you can earn the tournament reward before the 6 hours deal runs out and get some free gems that way.

No one said “We want the game to be 100% free”. We said “Stop offering us good stuff for the freemium currency, only to yank it away when we’ve finally scraped together enough”.


If the only free way to get these bundles is described as cheating the system, there’s a problem.


Hi Athame,


I think you are right. They are proposing offers to get us to spend money which is what all companies do. Money to pay for employees, investment in further games, profit for their shareholders.


I am sorry this is disappointing you but as we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch in life.

This category of games is called freemium for a reason. “The first dose is free…”


Some criticism of Flare is warranted. Their customer service has been uneven.

Some bugs have endured longer than we would have hoped for. Some game elements may not be as balanced/tested as we would have liked.


The fact that they are trying to make a profit out of this game is not something I will hold against them.


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Knight Gallant

I have the same problems with you, now I’m collect 1k of gems and wait the packages until 1 week, I’m read this and cry