Complaint for Complaintants

A big update 4.0 has welcome to RR2. For me and some of my friends, it was a need for 5-6 months. I wouldnt continue to play if these changes havent occured. Let me say there are many features that we like, and some that we dont… The thing is there are many posts in forums that emphasis the defence is OP now. This is not a special complaint for 4.0. Those complainants were doing it for years. Its possible to find such complaint posts from same players. 

“Offence is OP and seems this is end of RR2. Pro league was unjust and seems this is end of RR2. Defence is OP and seems this is end of RR2. We cant defeat top players and seems this is end of RR2. All can easily defeat my base and seems this is end of RR2. Anyway it seems end of RR2”

GUYS WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP POSTS LIKE THESE??? We have many serious issues to discuss here but forum is too busy for cryings. Update has come and many started to blackmail FG with tons of posts about new defences. Seems very less amount of (forum-reader) players has started to try to find new effective combos and probably they will find in 4-5 days a perfect combo instead of crying here about hard defences. 

Please. I want to read about new methods on defeating hard defences… Please go play farm ville if you dont want to STRUGGLE in a FIGHT game.

Haha amen :heart:


thats why we love this forum.

cuz its full of not so smart players??

Here’s a skit that I think captures the mentality of MANY players (I didn’t say all. If you feel offended, then maybe you are one of them in the skit).


Complainants: Hey! I want to beat top players!

Flare : Ok, you can spend money and buy upgrades

Complainants: WHAT??? NO WAY!

Flare : Ok, fair enough, I’ve included many things in the game where if you play long hours without spending you’re able to still beat them

Complainants: WHAT? I don’t have that much time. I got to work/study. I want to beat them now, without spending and without putting in the hours.

Flare : So you want to beat someone who spent 3-4 times more hours playing the game or someone who spent lots of money compared to you? Hmmm, What’s your King level?

Complainants: My Level is 115 and I’m from a level 75 alliance. I want to beat players level 130 from the top 4 alliances NOW without spending real money and without putting in long hours into the game.

Flare : So if I tweaked the whole system, and a King level 40 from a level 40 alliance can beat you, are you ok? I mean, the difference between your exp level with a level 130 king is more than the difference between you and a level 40 King. Also, the difference between the gold required for upgrade between a level 80 alliance and your level 75 alliance is also bigger than the difference between your level 75 alliance and a level 40 alliance.


So just to confirm, are you ok? I’ll make the game super simple. A level 40 king from level 40 alliance can beat your base now?



Complainants: WHAT?? NOOOOOO!! My request is SIMPLE. I Want to beat EVERYONE at the top without spending much time and real money while at the same time I don’t want to be beaten by players far below me who didn’t spend much time and real money. Get it? It’s that simple. Why can’t you understand!!! If you don’t do that I’ll quit the game.


(2 years have passed)


Same complainants: I’m about to quit already! Are you sure you don’t want to fulfill my requests???!!!

Why do you think we all want to beat top players? Seriously…

Cuz thats the main reason- they started to lose vs players

Aha. Well, I for one don’t care about top players or top alliances ? they play a completely different game than the rest of us

Who is “top alliance” to you?

Top 20 or something like that… the alliances that can keep warboosts and pro-boosts running 24/7.

And what is your alliance level?

Lvl80… but we reached it through hard saving for many years with a very loyal group of awsome alliancemembers. Lol, and we’re back at it, cause the Stronghold buildings won’t build themselfs for free

Yeah I never have any intention about beating top bases/top alliances’ bases. Raid mostly from random. I have nothing to prove just trying to enjoy playing this game (the excitement gradually gone by updates).
Already have a God-given dck, don’t need to be a dckhead or grow another dck, cos that would be so weird having 2 installed. ?


If I were to string your sentences together, correct me if I’m wrong, but you are ok not being able to fight other top alliances? Since your definition of “top alliances” are those within top 20 who have “pro boosts on”. That means you are ok if you can defeat any other top alliances who don’t have pro boosts?


This means 2 things:-

  1. Good you’re not one of those unreasonable players in the skit

  2. The current meta already allows you to do that. You ARE able to defeat any level 80 alliances within your range if you just take a LITTLE bit time to adjust to the new meta.


p.s. if more players think like you, there’ll be less players comparing themselves to VL shouting "Hey not fair!!! damn it now VL is getting further and further away they get all their buildings max already etc etc etc


btw I’m not from VL and I’m glad they remain at the top so there’s still challenge in the game where I can still attempt to win raids against their bases.

You should go here:

… and you can make new topic there if you haven’t found what you want. I’m sure those TOP players in the forum will help you ?

If you want to learn how to beat hard defenses then try new methods dont start crying and begging in the forum… have skills.

Oh Common its a fight game so fightn then dont beg here for methods…


Poor guy

Maybe its New tactic, cry so hard it can flood the defenses so they win “Tsunami of salty tears” spell


Be sure that I can already win on top bases even with the skull gear… (emphasing the “multi touching problem”). ?:v:


Then why you are insisting on learning new methods?.. do it yourself instead of spamming here when you can already beat the top bases

You could multi-task if you had more, if you smell what I’m cooking. *winkwinknudgenudge* :grinning:

Lot of intelligent free-player will find it, will invest time instead of money in collecting pal food/gems/pearls/crystals to power it up, will invest gems/pearls/crystals to set up good war equip with enough skull perk, will give precedence to something instead of something else because of the new balancing, and after a while will start to beat the b-as(s)es of the top players once again.

Then pay-players will cry loud in the forum (e.g. “I want my strong defense back” post, well try to do some smart path instead of a fa$t way to be stronger, old italian way to say: “the ‘I want’ grass does not exist even in the king’s garden”), FG will listen only to the cash cows, of course, they will turn upside-down the balancing and everyone, cows included, have to restart the process described above.

This happens every year since the introduction of pals. Every. Single. Year. And it’s not something new or exiting, is just restart from zero what you have already done in the last year. Where is the fun?

E.g. Ceres. If it’s OP, you and your team of developers/beta testers should be able to correct it within one month at best. It was introduced in NOVEMBER 2017 and they “fix” it only now!? Funny part is that Ceres became very OP when smart players started to use overperked heal aura ring (flothaboss use it from day 1 of its appearance in this game, look at the videos!) which indeed is a good and smart synergy between pal/item/gear and require long term planning to perk and max everything needed. Nerfing it after 8 months (I personally had an offer to buy it for 30 euros not so many weeks ago) is disrespectful of the time, the trust and even of the money the players waste because of its previous characteristics.

And btw, adding new upgrade levels for the balancing or to wake up top players from the boredom, is proved to discourage new players from even starting playing.

I have seen so many good free-to-play games ruined by “top” players (the only top skill they have is the gold credit card) and their salty tears that I decided my side. If crying ruins the day of top cow players and blind developers, I will buy some tons of onions asap.