complane for pro-boost not activate

why our pro-boost did not activate? we score above 10000  but unholy paladian did not activate in our alliance “Riders of the Tail”.

We are aware of this issue and actively investigating. We apologize for the frustration. Thanks for letting us know.

U are right @Archimedes… We are fckn frustrated with @flaregames …because some alliances already playing with it…This should not happen!!! and boost is active for free for some time…almost 10 days I think…And what compensation are u planing for those alliances who did not get it >???

Stop keeping the support guys busy with answering this posts. Let them fix the issue first.

Come on…How long are u in this game??.. they are still busy with fixing issues. I have enough of this bugs.So I will write so much post as I want…

and second thing… people who responding for post are not busy with fixing the issue also. for that they have some “smart” Developers I think…