1-so you can declare a war champion starting with 450k.what a waste of coins.i don’t think middle level alliances who think before activating boost will ever use it.further it increase with declaring more war champions and for what extra 6%!!!..waste

2-you can protect a person by providing him shield starting with 500k,this feature is also for top20 alliances are not adding fun,you are adding more hectic competition at the top.instead of shielding anyone I will prefer boosted palladins or boosted barricades instead as a leader of an average level alliance to protect everyone rather than one…waste.

3-vouchers…you suck…you can only add one person to get 150 at once but what next.i used a person voucher and got 150 and after sometimes two players who used my codes increases their levels and my vouchers count increases to 172,this means I am getting 11 vouchers with every increase in level of a king…so I want to buy a worker worth 7000 vouchers,it will take ages…you suck again…and with the increase in king level it will take more time to further increase and again waiting time for those stupid 11 vouchers increases…waste.

4-you converted all the gems in dungeons into vouchers…you suck again…what I am gonna do with those stupid 1000 vouchers.are they gonna help me to upgrade my AT???..are they gonna help me to unlock third slots???..hell no…there are so many players in this game who depends upon dungeons and gift section gems to unlock slots and upgrade their At’s but what you did,you first decreased the gems and then you converted them!!!..waste

5-dungeons are not opening after this update…waste.

6-froster blaster effect is decreased in this update and I appreciate that.i am finding it more easy to kill them now.

7-personal chat is a good feature,I appreciate it too.

But overall there is nothing in this update which can change players moods towards you are making this game more hard to play,now we need to spend more gems which is directly proportional to real money.and in addition to that you want us to invite our friends to fall in your trap…this will never gonna happen…anyway you suck again.

Please guys do not spend any real money.


It is the only way to show Flare this update is crap.

I agree and knew it was already bad but SERIOUSLY they messed with the Dungeon’s Gems too?  Seriously why not go all the way to kill free-to-play players by taking the last two 1,000 gem Achievements, I mean really those gems in the Dungeons are essential and were key plans for members in UWS to upgrade their Alliance towers but now Flare gouged that opportunity from Us.  I understood the Achievements I guess but they never should’ve touched the Dungeons; especially after the difficult of the 1,000 Gem Dungeon thanks to them putting Elite troops and towers in there.  I hate to say it but since Jona left the forums have become more eluded and cloudy on these updates and Flare has become more and more focused on forcing players to pay to enjoy the game and help out their Alliances.

not dungeons, i just checked. some quests’ gem

Really first they decreased those gems which you get after completing 70 dungeons and now they converted those 500 gems into 1000 vouchers.those 1000 vouchers are of no can buy a extra worker with 500 gems but can you buy a worker with those 1000 vouchers???…because that require 7000 vouchers…they suck big time.

They ripped me off 1000 gems for Digger, another 1000 for Fashion King, and 2 more lesser achievements.  Amounts to theft really.

It will be nice if vouchers will be an extra option to purchase stuff and new dungeons  levels to earn vouchers but not replace gems with vouchers. I have already unlocked all the dungeons but it’s not fair for new players like the new update with the alliance gold options seems for top players only and not everyone 

flare is just stupid why ask 7000 vouchers for a worker? if you buy gems with 7000 vouchers and use gems to buy worker is cheaper and you still have gems left. also vouchers is an epic fail . why al those diferent codes when you only can ad one code and after that its done???

epic fail . flare is stupid greedy company. and their greed is gonna kill them . seen it happen before with other companys. this is the beginning of the end for flare if they dont wake up

Really 7k vouchers for a worker? I currently have 6 workers and to get the 7th worker, I have to either shell out 3k gems or 21k vouchers!!! LOL…


and to make this more stupid…i added someone’s voucher code…then deleted him thinking I can enter another code AFTER i delete, but NOPE…I can’t add any codes now…so I have ZERO friends working for me…only regular friends…it’s stupid…

Add my friend code PBOCUIB


I have 12 workers, so price is 63000 :slight_smile:


Yes, 63 thousands :lol: