Conection problem PRO LEAGUE

@Madlen Please explain to me. I buy subscriptions to have PRO tickets. Now I couldn’t finish pro league, because you had a problem with servers. I have over 10 minutes left, I could make a very good result … Now I have a wasted ranking in pro, not only present, but also monthly !!! I pay for this money !!! What are you going to do about it?

@Madlen @Nikko @PaSte


will it be solved in some way?
Can I get an answer?

Can’t this be resolved amicably?


Hi abrada,

Thanks for your message and sorry to hear that. Please contact our customer service.

Thank you and good day!

it will take too long …
I do not want to give up playing, but in that case, I will have to report it to the Consumer Ombudsman.
(it may seem strange to you, but such a subscription costs me 3-4 hours of work.)

There is no SLA between you and Flare …

 you are not alone , i had many problem with pro L in this year , random disconnecting  missing pro score combo automatically switches , when i re arrange my combo it will be re-set to the original form and many many problem … and whenever i open a ticket i get an answer after 10 days after the league is way over and they won’t help anyway goodluck with ur issue i hope u get refunded for this stupide  bugs