Confirm before action

There is a huge problem about this game on small display phones,and not only,for example sometimes u can click by mistake and ruin something because lags or miss tap the screen. Yesterday and today I spent 200+ gems on alliance donation because tapped donate and quickly after it…should ask for a confirmation on such actions,cuz pisses me off saving diamonds to buy something useful and miss spend it for worthless stuff. Also won a cool sword on chests and missclicked sell instead of keep,so yyeah that action should also have a confirmation. And the scrolls also too big for a small screen phone,no option to remove the skills from the screen,I miss clicked on them by mistake a thousand times !!!

The only thing comes in my mind that should be confirmed before execute is using gems to finish buildings/upgrades. One misclick and thousands of gems go away. A few gems for scroll or 100 gems for donate is nothing compared to those.

y but still,ever few hundred gems can be useful,too bad might be a reason ppl just rage quit the game.