Confirm vouchers

Add a confirmation button for redeeming vouchers.

Several times, I wound up with something I didn’t want, simply by trying to scroll through the list of redeemable items and apparently swiping too hard.

Most disappointing.

Indeed, bought landscape i didn’t want with a missclick too.


While at it, an option to disable / unequip scroll spells would be nice.

Lost count on the missclicks and gems wasted.

Bought a landscape once too … Anyway, not going to happen most likely, same like with spending gems.

Its cool to dream sometime :slight_smile: nah forget it!! no chance in hell we gonna have that. We waiting for gems confirmation since the creation of this game I guess. Maybe in 10 year if we are lucky but that never going happen

Wasted gems or voucher its a fun part from Flaregames. Don’t ask them to stop laughing at us