Confirmation Button for Gems

_ " Royal Revolt 2 kann Juwelen nicht eigenständig ausgeben, was bedeutet, dass jedes Benutzen und/oder Kaufen von Juwelen durch den Spieler angefordert und bestätigt werden muss. Natürlich sind ungewollte Käufe oder Interaktionen mit Juwelen möglich. Um diese Vorfälle einzuschränken, haben wir im Spiel so viele Bestätigungsschritte wie möglich eingebaut. " _

That’s a quote from the Help and Support page about retrieving mistakenly spent gems.

Its says " RR2 can’t spend gems on its own, which means, that the use or buying of gems has to be approved by the player. Ofcourse accidental buyings or interactions happen. To minimize this, we have implemented many confirmation steps."

So the point is.

To all those (me included), that sped up or spent gems accidentally in anyway should be able to get their gems back, as this statement is clearly false and big fat lie. Eventhough on the same page they state that any spent gems can’t be refunded it is a lie, as we have clearly seen them doing it when the Ninja event was first introduced and they rewarded every player with 200 gems or some getting 500 gems back instead of the 1.5k+ they spent.

So, I will try to get my gems back (3rd attempt), but this time I will use this quote as a base for my argument. Maybe they will give me my gems back this time.


i riceved back only 500 gems, when i spent 1.600 for jump accidentally recovery time for forging an spike


Wow, after I quoted that passage they suddenly want to compensate me for my lost gems. But only a certain amount.

But look at this reply I got from the Customer Support (It was the same person every time form the customer support, 3 times):

" Wir können dir eine bestimmte Quantität der Juwelen für dein verlorenes item zurückerstatten. Somit wirst du deine einzige einmalige Kompensation verwenden, wir werden wir dir nicht wieder in der Zukunft zurückerstatten können. "


" We can refund you a certain quantity of gems for your lost item. With this you will lose your one time compensation and we won’t be able to give you anymore refunds in the future. "

As you can see, this person denied me my request 2 times in a row, but when I quoted that passage, she mentions that everyone gets a one time only compensation chance, but only for a certain amount of gems. This is the worse kind of policy I have ever seen.

  1. If I hadn’t quoted that I wouldn’t have been even able to get my gems back ever!

  2. With this we now know that we can get refunds!

3 Why we will only get a one time refund is dubious. If they are able to give us a refund once it is no problem to give us them anytime it happens. (not like they didn’t give every player 200 gems when the ninja event started :S)

Based on the passage with the comfirmation steps, misclicks shouldn’t even occur, because we still have to approve the purchase, which clearly isn’t the case. In regards to this lie, we should get our gems back everytime:@Alysea

@Alyseaplease give us more information about this.


PS: I hope this will give people that didn’t get any refunds so far a chance to get their gems back, even if it is only a certain amount.

It is a know issue by more games.

They tells nice things because they know that nobody will sue them :slight_smile:


yes that is huge problem and reason why flare sux, they wil give little return but you never may ask for so,ething again, its realy a big scam, and flare just dont care… a confirmation button is verry easy to implent but they wont do so cause stil players buy unwanted stuff by accidently clicking things, its a game so thats why nothing is done but in the real world if someone does a scam like this they would be sewwed alot and be sentenced for sure, its just stupid that they want to earn money like this but hey in the long run they loose and game wil be dead , the verrrrry bad service wil in the end cost em alot

i agree.