Confirmation button for retreats or large gem spends

So I am fighting, on my 10th and last attack of the night. Fighting a normal guys base with no boosts or anything. As I’m playing somehow I hit pause and apparently simultaneously retreat. Well holy bells if I didn’t lose 64 freaking trophies. Which normally not so big I gain and I lose everyday but this put me under 2500 which I’ve tried hard to get past and it’s super frustrating to put effort into something and then oh whoops check that out.


secondly, the other day I was looking at a building upgrade and blew 1200 gems on it on accident. Basically just a confirmation on expensive or punitive decisions.

Yea ,allready send them this suggestion too. Had the same retreat problem(my cat accidently steped on screen and pressed retreat with his paw,lost 57 trophies :wink: ) and lost a lot saved diams also ,because there is no confirmation window. 

And magic skill that costs diamons also makes lose diamonds accidently,because there is no way to remove them.


For get it guys, easy money fore Flare. It happend to almost all of us several times.  :grinning:

Several times ?

Hi, please introduce a check system for spending gems the same as you have for selling equipment. And please restock my 250 odd gems i lost accidentally upgrading pyrphorus! I was trying to save them to upgrade the clan house whatever that is called.


Hello Flaregames,

I have request please remove the option of retreat when a Hero dies on the mission or better at least give player a confirmation that should warn players that they are about to retreat.Both of theses options are next each other.So,sometimes a player by mistake press the option of retreat instead of continue.Last night I was doing mission with Artemis and in the middle of battle she died(I was winning that Battle).I was given two options as usual either to continue or to retreat I wanted to choose continue instead I accidental pressed the option for retreat and as a result lost 15 trophies.

Recently with Patch 3.8 a new option was added that allows players to bribe the islands and many players were scared that by mistake if they press that option they will lose there precious gems but fortunately It does give a confirmation to players (thank god!)whether they want to use the gems to to bribe the island or not.So, it will be great if we can have that feature to in this awesome game.I am sure such incidents must have happened with lot of players.For me this will be a lifesaving feature.

Thank you for your time to read this post

@HOLYDIVINEI totally agree, all buttons should have at least a confirmation message before moving forward to whatever it is the player had pressed.  It doesn’t just happen with the “Retreat” button (thankfully it didn’t happened to me yet, sorry for u though) but also at the start of the game when u open it, it will show the OR offers like chests and all.  One time, i just opened the game, and at the same time, my kid accidentally splashed some water on my phone’s screen.  Of course my first reaction was to wipe it… Oh well, i didn’t even saw how much gems it costs, so it happened ? i bought 5 godlike chests and 1 titan chest.  Which by the way doesn’t really contain good stuff.  It didn’t asked any confirmation at all…  So if confirmation on the actions will be there, it would be a great help.

I’ve asked for it many times, but they don’t care. Many players play switching the modes (defensive and offensive), and sometimes clicks on pause, and sometimes clicks on “end”.

Other thing. When the connection falls… It is “funny”, because we lost the ambrosias, fury attacks and the used gems in the match when the connection fails, but the trophies and the VP were gotten when the connection fails we lose too…(we lose trophies and get only bit VP)… I think: if there is disconnection, it can’t take off the trophies or “give” low VP…

Consider this simple move executed by top players in certain games then… I will write it in a form of an allegorical story, just cause thats what I always dreamed to do:

Thoughts of an extremely well skilled, high rated and passionate player, paying 200$ a month and having 50k gems threshold:

Oh, one more pleb for me to defeat and grow higher in global rating… K, cant be arsed too much work to transfer my Hercules, so ill go with Prometheus instead.

Hmm, he is harder than I thought, AI mode failed it seems. Personal control, here I come!

Oh well, this bulk of a Titan is kinda way too slow and is not gonna make it in due time… Invocations? Nah, would be too much for this pleb.

Switch the wi-fi off, no trophy penalties. Profit.

And the poor soul who will surely be utterly abused by Hercules in a few seconds is deprived of the +25 trophies he deserved with his artful defense. I know the frustration of loosing due to being DCed, but I would argue that having this minor issue instead of the thing described above is way more preferable.


@CaptainMorgan and @GalaMorgane could you please do something about this issue.I hate to start a raid again just because I accidentally pressed retreat option.

Yes, please add a confirmation when clicking on Retreat. I accidentally clicked on that button yet again… ??

@Tomaxo I guess you are also unlucky like me and I read it in another thread it has happened with you too.

On raids choosing the iption of retreat takes you back from the game and Don’t give any confirmation.


Ok merged. Yes that was requested at least since v2.4, way before I even started to play.