Confirmation button please


Can you please put a confirmation button in the build section of the game so I don’t accidentally push “finish now” on a 1700 gem asculpis? I’m not one of your crazy, freewheeling Rockafellers who feel that’s worth it. Also, could you please give me my gems back? I’d be happy to drop the asculpis back to the previous level. I’ll pay the resources and wait patiently. I know this happens from time to time, but as you level up it just hurts too bad. I’ll try to mind my stupid, fat thumbs in the future, but as they are stupid and fat, that confirmation button would be really nice. Please, please give me back my gems. 

Hugs and kisses,


Ign: Lord Baron Harkonnen

Hi Harkonnen,

Regarding your issue, please contact the customer support here, and let them know the approximate date and time of the action, and what you did exactly. :slight_smile:

Hi Alysea,

i cant get customer support from the link you provided. Is there someone else I should be looking for? Or a different link



The link works for me. You need to select “Submit a request” then fill in required info and tell them your problem.

I think there would be many ppl in the same boat LBH1… ive lost count of the amount of times ive done this… its an issue thats been raised many times but sadly nothing has still been done about it

Don’t lose your time to ask. We have ask that in RR2 since more than 2 years and still don’t having. Flaregames don’t put this kind of feature for one reason : Money

more the people accidentally lose gems and more the same person gonna buy gems pack,etc… its just a question to get money its the income of Flaregames