Confirmation for finishing current upgrades

I have lost many gems because of accidentally clicking on the finish upgrade button against the currently running upgrades.This issue is particularly faced by guys playing on small screen devices.

I suggest there should be a confirmation dialog box asking us to approve whether we’d really want to spend gems to finish the currently running upgrade in context.

Such confirmation dialog boxes should be everywhere the requested operation requires spending gems or even alliance treasury gold. Maybe when spending one’s own gold too.

Hi All, do u think my concern regarding the issue is valid or am I pointlessly fretting :slightly_frowning_face:

P.S. I believe FG have intentionally not kept the confirmation dialog to let plyrs commit blunders and to have more money flowing their way :wink:

I had the same problem today. I spent all of my gems when I accidentally clicked on the finish upgrade instead of ordering another builder or upgrading others. Please bring back my gems. Sad. :slightly_frowning_face:

Please use the search feature to find several other threads about the same issue.

Adding a confirmation to the upgrade speedups was suggested and requested often times already, and by now the general opinion is that not having it is intentional by flaregames, despite (or rather, because) having it would clearly be positive for the players and could reduce the amount of accidentally spent/wasted gems. 

Thanks for bringing this issue up again.  We’ve all lost a lot!  A lot of gems that way to stupid things like upgrading my spike trap for a 1,000 gems!  Damn it!  Yeah it an issue that should really, really be fixed; and I’m glad you’re reminding Flare that we’re not happy!  

FG are trying to make their player spend more and more  , why on earth they would make a feature that help player keep their gems , lol :stuck_out_tongue: