Confirmation that there's no new unit/ tower levels



May I confirm that the new update has no new unit/ tower levels, i.e it’s not hidden for the time being?


no need for a bump after 3 hours. Just wait for the devs to come back online and answer your question

Why are you acting like a community manager? Flare won’t hire you 

lol, what? I’m not at all trying to be like that. You’re just being impatient, and I think all you need to do is just have a little more patience. You’re answer will come soon enough, I’m sure :slight_smile:  

I think that they may have given up on creating more levels (for now).

Before the release of 4.0, lot’s of people were complaining that they didn’t want to upgrade all their stuffs again.

I may be wrong though and they just didn’t have the time to plan new level balancing.

Whether I’m impatient or I’m making a reasonable request must be seen in the actual context, not in isolation.


The context here is that the thread was started when the developers were online, so was the post to bump, both of which was a simple request of a “yes” or “no” answer, whereby the timing was as such that it was done after the update was already released.


In short, as a customer, it was merely a simple enquiry that would not have taken more than a minute of their time for something that many would like to know as well after waiting patiently for 2 months for the release.





Very good question.

i still think it will be and we got only the new features not improving of old ones

I’m not at all saying that your question was a dumb one. In fact, I totally agree with you! I feel like there’s more than meets the eye, especially after Pete put that post about “what’s life without surprises.”

Well, in that case, a “no” from them would’ve suffice since they were online while this thread was created. They did promise to engage us more and this is a very simple yet significant question about the game.

Yes of course, I totally understand your question and want to know the answer too.

But, we have to agree with @AwesomestKnightest too.

Regarding if they were online or not, they may have TONS of posts, support tickets or even bugs (to fix URGENTLY?) that will take lots of their time.

So let’s try and be a bit patient  :grinning:

Hi Lacuna! Long time since we chatted - as in pre-level 100 hero in a longtime ago alliance!! Lisa should confirm - though all are really busy now, that there are the four Conquests Boosts but no new troops or towers.

Sad nothing new. I have expect something like Siren,Banshee,a new lightning unit. Nothing. I have expect something like a new tower like Flame tower or something between bomb tower and Froster like I have suggest for low player to protect their base more easily. So 4.0 its just about new buildings and conquest mode.

Good thread,. Good original question.   No answer yet.   I don’t see it happening I guess.

Some new quest? New landscapes? New anything to build. I have no use for money as all my stuff is maxed and I can’t even give it to my ally [unless I pay gems of course]. Why battle if no use for the $$? Bummed!!

From the old stuff so far I only discovered the info inside cof room. It displays the odds for what you can get. For the rest nothing to upgrade (unless I missed something). I really checked every building, troop, spell, building and so on. Even no new stats to forge. 

So flare seem to have focused on conquest mode and some bug fixes.

Well, FTB did confirm today that there will be some sort of update on defenses soon. So we may get a new tower with that update, and maybe some more upgrades for existing towers

What he said is a sort of balance on the forgings system

Exactly, just adding additional levels to towers isn’t balancing. I want to be surprised, since this so called balancing would players tempt to remove gate towers. The only thing I can imagine what would help is to let defender suffer when a gate tower goes down.

During war season, for example, reward a raider with one or two extra skulls. You would be surprised how fast those towers vanish there.