Congrats King Digi from North Alliance

Congratulations King Digi for getting to number 1 ranking without a single War Boost!

Thanks Ken,


This feels good!



Congrats. :slight_smile:

Who do top players attack to earn gold if most them are online? It seems to me less nd less people will be there as u move higher on ranking, to loot gold from!

Good job by the way!!

Congrats :sunglasses:

Nice… I can’t get there with boosts. XD

Almost nobody in top 20 ever have gold cuz most dont even need gold

Congratulations, enjoy that first place.

So how have you gone down to 5,800 in a day? And without war boosts wouldn’t you just use your boosted ogres, wolfs, knights or archers anyway?

I’m so sorry for attacking many times lately ; I didn’t knew you were going for top #1 :slight_smile:

lolzzzz! Go figure.