Congratulations Flaregames! Apocalypse is almost done with the game :)

Hello to you, our beloved Flaregames.

So, I’m the leader of Apocalypse alliance, who actually does not enjoy playing your game for more than a year, but my bros and sis from the alliance keep asking me to not leave completely, so, I kinda had no choice, love them too much :confused:

While you were killing your own game - I stood silent, since I feel like writing something is a waste of time.

But after the recent updates, your game became kinda not worthy to play for too many players. At least for the most of “competitive” players for sure.

You can try to make “the best base” - but you would always need those who would dump you into the top, plus some real money investements at some point, otherwise you cannot keep up with all the forging of the new towers. That is also kinda boring after a while. So, forcing my players to participate in this rip-off, is like tricking my own people to get rid of their life-hours and money for nothing, since in the end - they would have exactly 0 value at their hands, once you switch “the meta” into the new direction and the old forged towers would be useless (also, it’s kinda about “pre Flothaboss updates”, since after those - anyone can win any base with 30-50 seconds left, thanks to that great guy, now even those who would never quit RR2 before, even if Apocalypse would be gone - wanna quit now).

You can try to max your skull perks beyond the 32%, which would mean - you would get low values, but would still progress, and for that you either need to play this game for a few years, constantly, or invest some real money when “Meltdown” events are happening. Again - thanks to the new war system, when low alliances on the map can gather 10%+ Loser Bonus in 2-3 days, and no matter how high your players skull perk is - would easily win you, since you can only manage to get 1/5 of that as the top alliance and scoring is limited by battles. Again - pushing anyone in this direction means that I should hate them to waste their efforts and money like that - I simply cannot do so.

What else is there? Right, ninja-events. Events in which you need to push players into the trophies range they do not belong, so that they can enter the ninja event with 30 levels to earn some pearls and some gear to sell/melt from the chests, since pro-league items are so much better now, that in the most cases those ninja events are like a Granny shop - completely useless relic of the past. And if you measure how much pearls you need to keep up with FG changing the “defense balance” - you either need to constantly play to get tons of pearls from raiding low bases in the luck gear, or invest real money to double or triple what you get from the ninjas. Yet again - even forcing someone to play more in RR2 without investing real money feels sad, cause when some top level accounts could be bought for 70$ with over 1000$ investements over the years on it, along with thousands of hours played on that account. Simply because with nothing to actually do in this game - many players are quitting and selling, and there are not much players who would want to buy.

Aaaand there is the star of our show - pro-league. Kudos for making it, but it’s actually the only thing left to do in the game, and it requires nothing at all from the player, except the level of his throne room. Everything else is equal.In any system there are always some loopholes, so, by limiting time to 35 minutes you get rid of the “faming” players who can try whole 3 days to get the best scores, but you still give much time - so, those players still do try, just on many different accounts. Some players quit cause of the pro-league, some are playing cause of it, but making an alliance solely for the pro-leagues kinda sucks, since we can just be without alliances and speak in some chats outside the game on “how better to complete those levels” without losing any quality of this “content”. I feel like there could be some improvements, like removing time limit, so that all the players would have equal possibilities for the leagues, and yeah, time spent would beat skilled hands in some cases - but it still is like that now, so it should be a change into better direction + would give players less stress, cause their losses could always be corrected (and trust me, some losses are just a random garbage that happens when your wolf does not howl on first 3 attacks on the enemy, or when you get slowed right after the Hero Scream, when you monk simply does not cat heal for over 10 seconds e t.c.). Not really that important part of the game - you
should decide how to fix it yourself.

Important part is - fix the wars, so that skull perks would matter again. Either remove LB, or revert it back to how it was before “recent” change, or create new system with like only 10 bases that alliance leader selects being attackable, no LB, no farming. Change the maps, maybe add whole new system, so that low alliances would not feel left out. Also, war boost should be buffed, since right now - hard to even decide if it’s worth fighting for something that is not pyromancer, and even they are not required with those “new paladins”. And I mean it in the nicest possible way - I do not know who implemented recent LB changes in the first place, but when I was reading that for the 1st time - it almost gave me autism. Like, really, alliances with low fiefdoms would get x5 LB that top alliances would get, in the same wars? xD So in 2 losses, top alliance would never, ever be able to catch up in LB till the end of the season? :slight_smile:

Then fix the defenses - if you like changing them so much - create a system, in which you can transfer “forges” from one tower to another, because those changes that force you to replace all you’ve had to some new ones - it pushes people away from the game, maybe for the first change like that they still feel a rush to level up new stuff, but after it’s 3rd or 4th time - they usually give up. Also add some balance, since “anyone can beat anyone” system pushes players away.

We would leave on May 1st 2018 from the game, unless our demands at least on the war front are met. Thanks for playing with us for all the players we’ve encountered over the years, thanks for competition that we had all those years to Vanguard Legion, Todesritter and to others who are already gone, it was fun, while it lasted. In the current game though, it’s just now worth even the time investement, not speaking about investing even more money into the game.

We leave, then probably Roaring Lions would leave, and with no one to compete against - in a few months, others might follow. It’s for you, Flaregames, to decide how to handle this, I’ve just brough the will of the people to you via these words, I’m good either way, I would either be finally free from this money/time-sucking garbage of the game, or it would turn into something worth to play, again.

P.S. Flaregames, If you actually do care - I would be around till May 1st 2018, feel free to contact me via forum, I can share many concepts on how to improve the game, so it would attract players and not push them away (I was a developer in the past), while also making you money in the process. If you do not plan to implement any changes - you can just tell me that in advance, so I could leave without waiting till 1st of May xD And if you would plan some changes that would take longer - I can try to keep people playing, but only if there is an actually worthy reasons to.

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I also agree with the sentiments/ suggestions in this post. I, ign: Dr.Razz, will be leaving the game shortly if changes aren’t made in these aspects of the game.

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Let’s to Mets!

My friends @RevenanT @DrRazz1…it has reached point of no return since very long…Demands can be met but future update will also bring more disappointment…then what you guys going to do that time? Its better to quit now…

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War mechanic is so boring and need to change completely! 

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We all keep waiting for a better future version every time there is a new version since years now, and every single time expectations aren’t those that we would like to see.

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RevenanT It seems that I was the one who wrote the post!.. I am 100% with each of the words you put… and as someone says above… I think the point of no return was taken a while ago

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Just hold off. We all know that something big is coming! “It’s time to leave the hood”!


Hello, well, some of those ideas I’ve proposed many times already, they vary from very small but relevant improvements, to huge ones that need addition of the new content.

From the most important issues, to the least important one:

  1. Wars. I get that it is usually frustrating for weaker alliances to lose in wars, and they might wanna quit after hitting a wall for some time - but introducing a system, that is making low alliances into super-heroes on the maps with top alliances - that’s just beyond wrong.

Now, the fix depends on what are FG current resources.

  1. If resources are vast - best case would be to change the war system completely.

For example, the one that would work - alliance need to select top 10 of their bases - those would be the bases that enemies can score upon. Also, those bases need to not lose trophies in the process, otherwise it would be punishment of some sorts. By adding those 10 bases selection - we reduce the playing field for all the alliances to something of a decent size - 10 players. Top bases can go and help low alliances sometimes before the war seasons would begin = social improvement and some motivation for players to max their bases and see it being rewarded. If the selected player leave during war - his base would keep being selected, and he would not be able to join any alliance for the duration of the season (he cannot be kicked, if needed, might be so that he cannot leave after the season starts too, to completely forget about that kind of issue).

45 players participating seems nice, but might be too much for the current state of the game (since there is 6 days Meltdown event and prevous meltdown wasn’t too long ago - there is probably some cash deficit at FG atm too), maybe reducing it would help, but that’s just a possibility, not a must.

You have tiers in ninjas, tiers in pro-leagues, why not add tiers in the wars? So that in wars only alliances of the same tier would meet. How to divide them into said tiers? Easy way would be to add some sort of pre-war trials. Like, each player in the alliance should complete trials, to see how much of which bases he can defeat, raids should be real, in which you can use gems, like in wars, and it should be in the skull gear. Total members skull count (average) + results from the top 45 members should count to determine the alliance tier, the better is the tier - the better are the rewards. Without completely revaming itemization in the game - it’s useless to gift players chests with gear, and pro-gear should only be in the pro-league. So, only possible rewards should be boosts, the better the tier in which alliance is - the better those boosts would be. I mean - MUCH better. You can win 3 boosts for the 1st place, places 2-4 should be with 2 boosts and places 5-6 for example, with just 1 boost, so that players would like to get even at least 1 boost, but of the last tier, and would not try to dodge it into the lower tiers. Also, some unique season-themed alliance rewards could be added for the said tiers, the best one at the top tier - so that alliance would do their best to try and get into the top tiers, each pre-season “qualification”.

The war itself should be just 1v1, no bonuses, the best one wins. Series of rounds during the season, to determine who of the group gets which places. Maybe some score-based system would work, which can later determine placements in “This years quater alliances tournament”.

This brings back the exitement to players, would force them to bring up their skull perks and raiding skills. And they would feel like there is an actual goal to reach. Plus, this 1v1 system, taking turns in the group - means you cannot gang on anyone, so, alliances would compete against each other, always, without “helping hands” e t.c. Also, groups would change each season, so that alliances would not play only against the same faces each time.

Only problem would be - those who win, would get more boosts and more boosts = harder defenses, which, in the end, can affect the end-score. In some games it’s resolved via boosts completely resetting for everyone each month during “quater-year tournament” (3 months duration), and the last month awarding triple points for everything, so that come-back of those who lost in the early months is possible.

If it’s required, I can try to explain the system in details on paper, but I hope I was quite clear on how it should work.

This system should satisfy if not everyone, then at least 90% of players base. And it would be tempting to donate into the game like this.

  1. If Resources are limited.

Then, just either remove LB completely, since raids are limited - gangbangs are not possible. Or just return the old LB - when everyone were equal.

Plus, improve war boosts, so that at 120 fiefdoms, boosts would be actually powerful enough, so that low alliances would want to get into 120 fiefdoms situation, since right now - everyone just wants to drop fiefdoms. Together with in average harder bases - this can work for some more time, till a better solution would come.

  1. This is the situation, if you plan RR3 of some sorts.

You can use “fiefdoms” system, to create an “alliance castle” thing, where fiefdoms could be used to improve it, and add some features. Roles in the castle building could be assigned to players in the alliance, which would give them bonuses. And also, there could be some kind of “castle’s wars” when players play 2v2 or 3v3 battles, defending or assaulting enemy castles in multiple possible ways (do not want to go into details, if this thing would not be used anyway).

  1. Defenses. Here I would just do a list of possible improvements.
  1. You can just add some sort of “forging” swap - so that players would not feel like starting from 0 each time balance shifts. We had a lot of players leaving the game already cause of this - it’s frustrating, if you spent a lot of time doing something, and then developer of the game puts a huge “0” at your efforts, completely nulifying them - you would feel like if you would level some other towers again - there is no guarantee that your efforts would not be nulified again.

  2. Defenses surely need some graphical boost - I mean - some skins for them. For various activities. From the in-game shop, to the pro-league rewards and war season rewards.

  3. There are pre-sets of defenses in the Olympus Rising - why there are none in RR2 still? -.- Also, watching replays, or at least places and info on how your opponent failed on your base, or how much time he had left - feature that we all been waiting since forever.

  4. Instead of just constantly adding new levels to the towers - you can just add new features, like reinforcing certain towers with some troops for special effects. Add the new research building for that, upgrades inside the tower itself. And NEVER make them almost impossible to max out or nearbly impossible to finish - this kills the will to go all the way into some sort of upgrading. Like alliance beasts or forging (at least there is a soft-cap, but it’s unlimitnes kinda kills the spirit, in which players donate much money to get the maximum).

  5. If you want to get a flow of fresh blood into the game (and we all need it) - you need to lower building times on EVERYTHING drastically, while also adding new content to keep new players entertained. While content is another topic - lowering building times should ALWAYS come with 1 time-only reward for all the players who had max towers at the moment of that change, like special towers skin, or maybe just a alliance banner to be visible on all of their towers - so that any player would see that this guy leveled up his towers when it was taking MUUUUUCH longer time!

  1. Ninja event and Granny.

You add new items via pro-league = you kill old “uber” items. Like it was with Granny legendary items. If something like that is done - either old content should be removed, or revamped. Either create some new use for the legendary/uber items (I can think of it, if needed, but only if that would be the direction to go), or make granny sell uber items instead of legendary at the same rate, since now, legendary items are beyond dead.

  1. Pro-leagues.

Current problem is - many players are playing with several accounts, and FG would never be able to trach them all. Only actual fix - remove the time for the levels. Let players repeat them as much as they want. At least this way everyone would be in the same boat, and yeah - time invested would play it’s role, but it’s still playing it’s role now anyway. Players are watching videos/playing on some extra accounts, while trying some specific levels there, so, accounts remain low and it’s undetectable. All those in top are the players who invested MUCH more than 35 minutes into the pro-league (there are always some exceptions, but majority is like that for sure).

Another possible fix could be - making pro-leagues last for 12 hours, or maybe 24 hours (with not time restrictions). Then players would not feel to be forced to spend 3 days on improving their scores in order to win (works only if player base is actually want that change).

So, basically, those are just “from the top of my head” suggestions. Could be easily improved, but unless it is the direction that Flaregames would actually want to go - I do not want to go into details ._.

goodbye guys
I feel both joy and disappointment

joy after all those messages from the revenant  and skint, when Vl went into a small alliance. as soon as they called us and how they did not tell us, “yes, the rules are wrong, but they are the same rules! you go because you are losers”. And now? Apo leaving cuz rules.


and now, losing to Vietnam with a 2.5% loser bonus (and with a score of 235-231, which means that the bonus could be -1-1.5%) already you proudly leave


farewell guys, we will miss you)

Good that someone likes it, we don’t, even if we get 1st in this or upcoming seasons - simply no reason to play atm, since everything except pro-leagues is useless waste of time right now (at least that is how we feel for months). Stay, or leave, we do not care :slight_smile: I care for my guys, and here I’ve posted what they think, we either would quit and just chat, or, if game would evolve - would keep playing it. Right now it’s more a clownfest, instead of war seasons xD

Everything comes to an end eventually, we just gave it the last shout-out, if it works - game would be playable again, FG would have income - we would have something actually interesting and worthy to play and invest out time and money into. If it doesn’t work - we would better spend our time elsewhere :slight_smile:

I deleted my comments, i was wrong with posting them. Not my deal.

i have a lot to say, but i think its useless.


yea guys… i agree with @RevenanT.

its become frustrating movements when only Rev do raids with over 20-30 accounts when they need 100% wars… im so sad for him. he is great leader with lots of time but now its impossible to do wars with 20-30 accounts and also annoying that he had no time for game. 

see you soon my friend. there is no joy without you guys… ?.. will miss you.

well we heard alot of things when we moved to RB… we heard alot more than enough… we stay calm. but finally we come back…  looks like you guys fully prepared to leave games. :(. 

have great time with real life my friend… god bless you and your family. we will miss you alot.

@RevenanT  Bye… @Apoc  Bye… 

Who ever letting after may1… For them also “Bye”

Miss you all… :slight_smile:

Get a new game where don’t have other alliances :stuck_out_tongue:

So many haters in VL ?. I wonder if your leader could do just 1 propose to Flaregames to improve the game?!? I think no. So respect Revenant. He made so many good proposes that will improve game for sure.

Haters gonna hate like allways.VL dudes should understand that this has nothing to with you,and RR2 world is not turning around you either.İt is a request of players which has spend their years and tons of money/time in game.İf flare do not care about it you guys can start masturbate on your own and eventually this game will suck for you too.I am okay with facing VL or Todes or any other VL slave every single season and lose them on one on one fight.But not with this lb system getting gangbanged from a few 70 fieftom holder alliance.İf you guys are ok.with it just keep enjoying the game without Apoc and RL thats all.

??? its so fun)

BOGDY, i hope you will leave game too? 

We are ok.

do you know difference between VL and APO?

vl doesnt have slaves and never had. 


How many times APO gave  HK, HSTS, Rpn, Italy 1 place on map? Never is right answer. 

VL have friends. Its hard to understand for APO- who are lost EVERY their “friends”.

hk? Not apo now, VL.  Often 1 place on our maps

italy? Not apo now, VL- and they are often have 1 place.

Viets? you know answer






rpn, hsts are dead- its another way for your FRIENDS

u lost to VN yesterday which are strong enough to beat you like puppies with only 1.5-2% loser. Why did you talk about 70 firfs? Its just many strong alliances are coming and its good.

do you remember time when VL EVERY map was against APO,RL,HK? Do you remember what REV and SKINT told then? “Its just rules, why are you not happy bieng gangbanged everywar, VL? Rules, just a rules” it was good when APO winning. Now its bad cuz loosing.

where did you was Erdal when apo gangbanged VL everywar? Why you didnt make same post? Why you didnt stop Luay with his posts? Do you know how many friends we got after this terrible apo behavior?

now you are upset only because you are week, you lost all friends and you tired.

you need learn how to make friends and what is it- friendship. Ask Bekon, erdal, he will teach you if you will ask him with respect.

iur situation is not good, but VL rised again, now its ur turn.


PS there is no RL in the game long time. Its just a shadow of old RL.

apoc still good, but this double, triple accounts. Stop it, its killing you

Granted it is my personal opinion but none have ever cared more about this game or their alliance than RevenanT.    Your comments are spot on brother.  Win or lose, there were some great, exciting and competitive wars in the past but they were all when fighting alliances were on equal or near equal footing.    Even the loses were fun and made (Apo, VL, Todes and North, et al.) invest and work harder to do better and get stronger.   It really was the most fun part of game.   Maybe some of us have just been playing too long but Wars seem like a chore now.  The new (and previous) bonus system is and remains broken.  Rev makes some great suggestions on how to correct or improve the state of wars to make it exciting again.  As did many retired (many because of skull perks and wars) and still active players did in an old thread including changing map layout. 

Additionally, the special war and pro league boosts have made the standard war boosts rewards not as significant and skull perks more frustrating than ever (unless you have ton of money to perk new pro league items).   Pro league is a bit of a bore but the items are now required.  Plus, the strongest familiars makes for strongest base so that pet food is most important and requires an extensive investment to max.  In other words as Rev says, why invest time and money in a game we no longer enjoy as we and so many once did with no long game in sight…

(Warning: Going off on tangent!)  While we are at it, I also think the “insta” feature also hurts the game.   Since this feature came out, Flare has continually increased the number of slots a player can request, shortened cool down times with gear  yet they never increased the slots or cool down for donating.   I am sure many players spend gems to help their teammates but I am sure many players get frustrated having to request or wait for them.   Some players may not even raid until they get a few donated “insta” troops, lessening their enjoyment of the game. 

Finally, having had the great fortune to play alongside RevenanT the last several years, I, and all of APO,  were always amazed by his analytic and strategic mind.  It really was fascinating to witness his thought process.  However, he also always exhibited a true concern and consideration for players (not just APO), love for this game and as patience that things will be fixed if we stay the course.   I think his post today and suggestions demonstrate all of aforementioned characteristics and is his sincere attempt to fix a broken system, create a fun and competitive environment and defend the players.  Regardless of the outcome, Flare fix or not fix, it has been my honor my brother Evgeny.




check this topic carefully

and you will understand me