Congratulations Lorde Asriel 3!

I’m surprised someone in TodesRitter didn’t post. If they did my apologies.

I’d like to congratulate Lorde Asriel 3 for getting 410,581 for the diamond league record. Respect. I was in the league when 77lotc got the record. I was amazed at the determination. For beating that you will always have my respect no matter whos side you are on

awesome post man! todesritter should really say something about this!

thanks man!!! sorry cuz I dont active on 4rum much  :slight_smile:

Asriel is very awesome, he played too many to our wars :slight_smile:

Gratz, from his hard work. He got top 1 leaderboard too.

we were all there supporting him from the start when he ask all of us if its good for him to go for the record or not , we encourage him to do so too and celebrate away when he beat the record but of course not here on the forum  :grinning:

Asriel is Awesome! He inspires us all with his determination and desire to constantly improve and achieve targets. Congratulations again from all the team at Todesritter Family Alliance!

hahaha Todesritter not say a lot, but they really do hard like Asriel  ^_^

Hehe yes, much going on behind the scenes :grinning: