Congratulations to Aegean Sea!

1st place! Nice work guys. It’s really cool to see new teams on top, and i think it’s encouraging to a lot of alliances out there. Any given season, any team can win!

Was very good, I did calculate the odds of an FG draw whereby an alliance can ‘miss’ any of the top teams either side of them or in 1 v1 wars…the odds of their draw were 1 in 66 chance. 

They are very well disciplined and ambushed us by less than 10k points in one war this season.  

They did a Leicester City, great teamwork all around.

First of all Congratz. I know its a long time coming for some of them in Aegean.

And I really hope with the new island war system/reward (or other changes like match making) that the competitiveness can be heightened for all leagues. 

Dilly-ding dilly-dong!!