connect to facebook

When I purchased my new PC,  royal revolt 2 was included through the Microsoft store.

I have been playing royal revolt 2  for several weeks now. I am trying to connect it  to my Facebook account,but unable to connect it.

Worried about losing my game progress if I go mobile. I am using the 4.5 version and I found the Facebook link , however the box is grayed out.

How can I save and connect my game progress on mobile devices?

you will not lose anything. If you have linked the game on Facebook at level 1. You will keep your progress same on mobile. However is strange the link is grey out and you cannot connect. Do you have try to close the game and reopen the game? see if that still grey out? if you are on Wifi you can try to disconnect wifi and connect it again. If you are like me you can reset the router too and see if that solve the problem