Connection issues ruined my pro league

the above video is just an example of what i faced during this pro league this disconnection problem happened with me on all stages of PL.  Sometimes it connects automatically and sometimes it doesn’t.  I have lost more then 20 minutes because of this and ofcourse a place in atleast top 50 of ongoing PL.

This league was really easy for me and i would have done first 10 stages 100% on first try but i got disconnected in middle of raid several times on same stages. 

It is happening only in PRO league after recent server maintenance. And i checked my wifi also and it is working normally. 

@FTB @PaSte @flaretara plz have a look at this 

My ign -  SinghVivek 


These are just few screenshots which i took after i lost some stages due to disconnection. 

And since i cannot add images over 1.95 mb so i have added them as reply. 



Thought you fixed your connection issues FG