Connection issues

Hi. Since yesterday im unable to connect and play. Game gets stuck trying to connect despite the fact my wifi and 4g signals are solid.

Any ideas what might be the problem here? 

Hello Vorterix,

Please get in touch with the support and provide them with your ingame name.

You can contact the support here:

Ty Aether, already have… Just wanted to share it here in case other players experienced the issue and got it fixed ? 

19/05  –  Still no fix for this issue. Re installed. Re attached to Google Play account. Nothing.

I see on game reviews that other users have the same problem. Hopefully it gets fixed in the near future. A shame since the game is really good.

20/05 Problem persists. No solution provided so far. 

Hello Vorterix,

As far as I know, the support is still in touch with you about the issue.

They will try to help you further with the problem.

I just updated the post for those with the same problem… :slight_smile:  no worries

But good news… Its getting fixed… Im waiting for my progress to get updated since it got erased reinstalling

Hey Vorterix,

Glad to know it is being handled and you will be back in the action soon!

Apparently its an issue with the google account… Logged in with a another account to the game and it connected just fine 

Created a new game, under a new name, and the support updated it with mi old account progress.

All running good now… ? 

Good to know!

By any chance, if you use your previous Google account, can you access your OR account again, or is it still not accessible?

Could be a good tip for other players encountering the same issue!

Its funny because even though i connected with a different google account on android, the game logged in with the same google account on google Play as the other account did. So im guessing the problem was  android. 

Today i started the game from scratch, with a new username… and the support just did some magic to restore my previous name and progress…

So, if in The Matrix there was no spoon, here there is no other account… :slight_smile: 

I ll be damned! It happened again… Damn you Connection Error! 

Me ocurre lo mismo.

El juego funcionaba correctamente, hasta que al intentar abrirlo aparece el error “no se ha podido establecer la conexión”. Al día siguiente volvió a funcionar sin problemas, aunque volvió a saltar el error y no hay forma de jugar.

Reinstale la app, reinicié el dispositivo y sigue el problema.

¿Alguna solución? Gracias

If u have android 5.0 or above, u can create a secondary google account on it. 

Create it… If your device asks for a pin, its actually the unlock screen code on your phone. 

Then erase all data and caché from Olympus Rising app. Run  it… It should ask you for the google account name. Choose the created account. It should log into google Play with your usual account… The game should start, download some data, and all your progress should be ok. 

If the game starts from zero, play and create a new name. Contact the support and tell them your new ingame name.  They can restore your progress. 

If the game didnt start… Do this… 

In your devices Google Adjusts (ajustes de google), you have to go to (connected apps) Aplicaciones conectadas, and erase Olympus Rising from it. 

Then go to Google Play app… Ajustes, and unclick the option “use always this account on new games” or something like that. Clear data and caché again. 

Run Olympus Rising… It should start… Choose the secondary google account you created… It should log in… And do as i told you earlier and contact the support.

Good luck