Connection loss app problem

Hello, the past couple weeks I have lost significant gems and war points for the program dropping out during battles. I spend a lot of money on this game and would appreciate a reimbursement as well as a reply to why this problem has been occurring. I would say I’ve lost between 250-300 gems due to this inconvenience. Thanks much, Texastwister


This has just happened to me again - now 5 times during war plus another battle going for trophies. It has cost me gems I spent on invocations as well as trophies and now over 6000VP in a tough war. I also have spent a lot of money on this game and I’m not happy about this.

I posted elsewhere about this but seems to have disappeared.

The problem is NOT my connection it seems to be at your end as I am getting multiple reports from my alliance members all over the world of this issue recurring - including one member who was disconnected during a battle at the same time as me.

I would like to hear
(a) an acknowledgement of this issue
(b) a proposal to fix it longer term (it should be possible to not rely on connection during an actual battle), and
(c( what Flare is going to do to compensate all players affected


Hoepe we hear from you @CaptainMorgan

 This is a known bug reported since the last war at the very least. Given that the devs are all busy atm, I assume they are going to unroll the fix soon, maybe alongside 4.0. All we can do for now is wait.


the other topic was merged with the already existing one, I am actively combating double threads and double posts. Please, try checking whether the issue has been brought up somewhere before making duplicate threads. 

@Infamous- thank you for responding. I did check other threads and the only similar one appears to relate something a year ago. It may well be  “known bug” but it didn’t appear to anyone in my alliance before this war and all of a sudden it has hit multiple times.  And, to be clear - it is NOT an app crash and reset it shows as lost connection - even when everything else on the internet is fine.

As for “Given that the devs are all busy atm, I assume they are going to unroll the fix soon, maybe alongside 4.0. All we can do for now is wait.” - that’s great - but what about the real cost in gems in trophies and VP we have experienced in the meantime - please don’t try to make it sound the devs are doing us a favour by working on something they got wrong in the first place.  We players are doing THEM a favour by playing their game and keeping them employed.

There are 2 threads right on the top of the Bugs sub form, which is where I would have gone to look for a thread about a bug. At least one of them has been there since the war 2 weeks ago when it first started  

And nobody with the ability to do anything about this, or even comment authoritatively, works weekends. Rants might get read, but they’ll get read Monday-Friday. 

But actually, @Infamous, I think merging the threads just made the issue confusing. It was easier to follow before the threads got merged.

@dumpster how so? Every message adheres to the same general formula: I have been doing x, while I was disconnected. At the same time someone declared on us. Please do y and we dmenad z from you. Add usual fluctuations and thats it. There are no discussions there, the posts are iterations and reiterations of the very same issue, minus a couple of posts asking for compensation or offering rationale.


Upon examining the two threads, the first one called DC by couper is specifically for the war bug. The second one by Ryan is about general disconnections during battles, something mentioned by vasudeva long ago and seemingly reappearing recently. There is nothing about war right until the end, where Marcus comes in to mention it. So they are not actually the same, they are about entirely different issues manifesting themselves with a similar kind of result.

Thusly, everything is kept in the same place, making it easier to explore the issue (Although the sheer number of threads spawned in other subforums makes this a questionable statement)

It’s like when someone else goes and cleans your desk and you can’t find anything.

@dumpster alright, thanks for the similie. I would try making it more explicit when I merge stuff together, even if it is a short distance away from eachother

I hadn’t noticed it before, but with this one it seemed like we are missing whole threads and the ones that are left aren’t as direct or on topic as the ones that were merged. 

I merged everything in the bugs subforum, there should be nothing left. Other subforums are outside of my scope currently. I only merged 2-3 threads, reiterating the same issue again, thusly not having a single bite of new info, minus the demands for compensation ofc.