Connection problem


when i log in the game, i can only be online a couple min then the game shut down. 

I use iPhone 6s 10.0.2

Please help me ?

I restarted the game and the phone and it didnt work! 

It happens when i write something in the Clan chat


We are aware the issue and are working on it to fix it.

Sorry for the troubles.

Thanks alysea! 

You are great

Autoplay doesnt work either

What do you mean by this exactly?

Would you have a bit more details?

Well, when i use autoplay before starting the attack, then usually it spawns troops. But now it dont do it fully. It just spawn 1 troop. 

it doesnt use all the green thing (dont no the name of it)

do you know what i mean?


Ok, is the Other bug fixed? The connection problem i mean?

Once we will have the live server update yes.

One more question please.

the gems that appears on the heatmap, are they the total of what i get or is it how much gems they used on My defense?

The ones who were before the live server update which happened around 3pm German time were the amount of gems spent by the attacker.

After the update, this is the amount of gems you earnt.

I feel bad for you ??

but the free video chest doesnt work either.

i have wi-fi and it doesnt work.

just so you now

thanks for the help ??