Connection problems after event ended



I keep getting disconnected after the maintenance break that ended the event.

Never had this before… can stay logged on a limited time before I lose connection, connection is good so no issues with that

Now it says maintenance break again

+1 Here, I think the maintenance break is still ongoing…

I have same problem too

Imagine all the  3rd chest gems I could have gotten by now… atleast 10!

I should get compensated with 1000 gems now!

Ok now I could have gotten 20 of them… 2000 gems please?

Total neglection. This is probably the only right description of what happens now with RR2.

Forums have problems. Double posts, does not show notifications etc.

Can’t search for players. It takes ages for the flares server to react and show you the leaderboard and/or certain players.

Matchmaker sucks.

Game crashes all the time.

Loot algorithm changed severely. After you gather ~4M you can’t find any player with loot higher than 50-80K. The only ones you can find with 120-140K+ loot are at least 5-10 levels higher than you, with maxed towers and fully boosted with all the possible boosts. This looks like a bad joke.

CoFs algorithm changed - No gems for months. During the wars, you get mostly skulls. 2nd and 3rd CoFs are rarely achieved. A lot less than the expected statistics. Sometimes the game crashes immediately after the raid and you get no CoFs at all.

Medals algorithm changed. You will get decent amount of medals only if you suicide attack someone 10 levels above you and fully boosted.

The only thing left in this game is flares greed. Buy gems and you can continue playing. Well, this is not going to happen.

Getting very close to the point that this game can’t offer any fun. Then, what is it worth?

Ha! Edward, i thought it was only me with the medals. Almost always 29, after i reached level 70 and got sonic blast one level before max.

Did one check for confirmation with match maker: level 89, 10 above me and still 29 medals. Suiciding against the number 1 would give

me 1137 though. No thanks. It seems to be the flare way of telling me, that i should start scrolling. Never gonna happen …