Once again unable to connect. More ISP problems at Flare?

The same



Let’s hope for a new patch :slight_smile:


It seems our servers are currently down.

We are looking into the issue and will keep you updated.

Sorry for the troubles.

Lately this issue with servers down appear too often. How about prolong our celestial  boost with one day for free for all of us?

I am unable to connect why my internet connection is strong ?? How I get rid of this prob ?

Hi guys,

Lost connection and “Bad connection” during the battle happen more frequently with me. I’m using Mobile Internet and it’s really stable. It is completely unacceptable when I lost 3x25 trophies in 1 day because of this fking problem. What’s wrong with your servers? Pls fix it. 

Android 5.0 on Galaxy S5.

4 times in a day guys. Could you please do something?