Connectivity issues - Compensations.

Kings and Queens,

Over the course of the weekend some of you experienced severe server issues that lead to frequent disconnects and frustrating situations in War Season but also Pro-League battles.

We understand that the outcome of both the current War Season and the Pro League have been negatively affected by this problem. This is why we wanted to compensate all affected players as follows:

  • The fiefdom count of all Alliances participating in the current War Season remains untouched, as if this War Season didn’t happen
  • As soon as the current War Season is over, all participating Alliances will get all 3 War Boosts of this season activated for 10 days, on a level that corresponds to their fiefdoms
  • Participants of the War Season will additionally receive a Holiday Chest
  • All Pro-League participants will receive an additional 10 minutes of playtime to make up for the time they potentially lost due to disconnects
  • All players will receive 100 Gems

We really hope this will help you all get the best out of our game. We are sorry for the inconveniences. As usual, thank your so much for your reports, your continuous support and of course for your understanding.

Many thanks,

-Your Royal Revolt 2 Team Admin Edit: Changed 5 Days to 10 Days. To clarify: When the war season ends, all participating Alliances will receive 3 boosts, which will be activated for 10 days.