Conquering towers and their costs / Eroberung Türme und ihre Kosten

Please write here only your costs for the Towers.

The cost depends on the conquest score, I think.

Bitte hier nur eure Kosten für die Türme schreiben.

Die Kosten hängen von denn Eroberung-Score ab, Denke ich.


We are explorer / veteran 100-149 Points

Wir sind Erkunder / Veteran   100-149 Punkte


Level 3.jpg

Im sure its depends of the levels of the alliance buildings

So what is the minimum alliance buiding lv it would be to get tower to lv 3 ? Funny how they make a map with middle tile need at least lv 3 tower which cost  is way out of our holding space ???  

Based on my investigation, it depends on the tier you are in. Alliance strongholds didn’t matter.

I’m against this. The price needed in conquest should based on Alliance strongholds. The more level your strongholds are, the more expensive the price. That’s of course with balance so that everyone can play to the fullest without thinking about how to upgrade their alliance strongholds as their alliance gold that limited by alliance level. Just like normal elite boost price that going up based on alliance levels.

If you’re on that tier (veteran), you have to upgrade your alliance headquarters to level 6.

What are the costs for max lvl buildings?

Discoverer / Experience  200 - 249 Score

Level 1 Tower = 3000 Stone

Level 2 Tower = 12000 Stone

Level 3 Tower = 27000 Stone



Entdecker / Erfahren 200 - 249 Score

Level 1 Turm = 3000 Steine

Level 2 Turm = 12000 Steine 

Level 3 Turm = 27000 Steine