Conquest 20% Event

The event lasts exactly 2 days with the upgrade times taking 2 days as well, is there any way the event can be extended so that it lasts for a total of 2.5 days or so? We would really like to get another alliance upgrade done, but the event duration isn’t quite long enough and there’s no way to speed up alliance conquest buildings.


There was an announcement, every event will have 3 days duration.
I hope they will fix it now.
Its a mistake, im sure


Thanks for the feedback, I will forward it to the developers.

@cr1 The event will run over the course of 3 days, but that does not mean it will run exactly 3 days, which I think is the misunderstanding here. :confused:

Can we get an extension?
+1d would be more than enough to take full advantage of the event.

We had too many events of 2 days duration in row.