Conquest Activity Reports

Hi!  For War Season, we get reports on how many skulls each clan member has captured.  Are there any reports for clan member activity in Conquest?  I couldn’t find any.  It would be great to have some sort of report like skulls won or tiles moved.  The time spent in the stronghold would be great too.

Conquest is super popular with most of the clan.  Great job Flare!


Conquest isn’t about moving all the time, nor about earning as much skulls as possible (giving rewards for skulls-earned would be a bad idea). It can be just as valuable to get into a position and just stay there for several days to scare off the enemies (on an important tower, or on a field close to the enemie just to prevent them from starting to build). So it’s very hard to get reports afterwards… 

This could be linked to individual rewards too as it’s missing in conquest unlike Wars.

Having individual conquest rewards like war will motivate members for better participation. 

Hi Xalell,

First of all, thank you! Glad your clan likes it :slight_smile:

Since this seems to be more a suggestion for a feature request, I will move this thread into that category :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Madlen,

Thanks for your assistance!