Conquest alliance matching by average level of players

Hi is there possibility to match alliances fór conquest based on average level of players in alliance? So they will nôt decrease their trophies before event. There will be no space fór this Kind of cheating. I suppose that 130lvl player has 1700 trophies like last tíme. So if there is alliance with 30 players level 115-130 you dont match it with alliance with 5 players level 115-130. So you will match alliances with About same level players


Maybe average player level and tiles/fiefdoms for conquest could make it fairer😊. Fiefdoms = stronger war boosts as it stands, though fiefdoms are exploited in much the same way for war. Everyone wants the gargoyle tower now, so many rank 50-200 teams, for example, deliberately blow some wars, and trade some boost strength knowing they’ll have a better chance of getting paired with rank 150-300 teams for a largely uncontested win. It’s not totally their fault, they know many players will jump if they lose the boosts. Would save everyone a lot of frustration if we just had the boosts we wanted turned elite or pro I think, or build them into the things themselves for a novel idea (unlocking higher bonuses as leveled or something). No one answer is perfect, hopefully though, they will at least be in the same league by such a change for a true chance at winning.