Conquest Alliance not matched?

Why did they leave our Sinister Alliance without conquest if they meet the requirements to participate?

HI Michels, I have moved your thread to the bug section.

What is your Alliance’s complete name?

Please note that the required number of members is 15. Was that the case for your Alliance?

My Alliance is Siniestros and we can’t play conquest. 

Thank you Michels for posting this. We’re working on fixing the issue.

We really felt hurt, we entered into conquest 1 day and a half later. with little to do, the other alliances already had 150 points when the system entered us and in case it was almost almost no place to build we had. really disappointing.

Goodnight. We need to receive some kind of response. Several of our players were taken out of the battles in the event of secure conquest was some kind of server failure. that’s what advantage to our opponents in that


Seeing this, our players became demoralized … and so are we. You are a very active alliance and because of the repeated errors that the game presented in this event, we decided that everything would be taken down. we can not fight a war if they take us out of the games. thanks for your attention.



Alliance: Ailin_Atenea

they had published that in the events they were going to place alliances of the same level. They put us with 2 top 20 alliances !!! we are in 40th place, we are smaller. They are supposed to put people of the same level. added to the problems we had for errors in the game server. this event is impossible. it’s very frustrating!! greetings Ailin_Atenea from “Guerreros Mayas”.